Tuesday, 7 August 2012

reaching into myself to bring something out fit for some purpose.

Morning pages on the blogsite has not happened for sometime.i have been either writing and drawing them in notebooks at various locations chester liverpool or train journeys or I have been walking them with the dialogue drifting out to wales or the clouds above,or I have been rooting them out as songs or i have been reaching for them in the piano books children's book and indeed the solutions to client's briefs.

preachy.There's the rub the need is it to share or to add something to find a soap box of some fruit to pass down from my rooting my leafins my riggling growing urgent to be sapling branches understandings .

alon or in company .why blog why morning page  pray/ what for to do

well here then would be the affirmatrive spin oportunity me knowing you listening of more pretentioulsy even if sincerely my discerning for myself given holy insight to your lacjk of it =no

i am fully well perhaps not completely but approximately and yes truly reverently

God has given you a word amind a sou a pupose and that all thoughts are silent if unshared

oh yes the personal relationship of your individaul self with God's bigness that let us remind oursleves myself

is that he /she /beyond gender has given any voice collectively to us to individaully and collectively dialogue with so vying for position through tetchy silence or patronising stage selfishness is all the same to God

thought  greter than ours

had a starnge wish for a fully charged camera amcorder type last night as when i stopped on the lake i looked around at a cinematic bowl of thrilling sky that was lighter above the lake whilst dark reverent worshipful dramatic and strong powerfully shaped black inky and brooding greys and yet blue blue clouds sworled around above tucked like a badly made bed around the cosiness of the lake that had one single sailor

cyclists and runners are out a lot more and what is great the newspapers have fortnight's good news but the grumblers don't know what to do they cannot understand so much thrilling aspiration they can of course point out to you all the losers that is afterall one strategy but let us not -too preachy of me

the opposite would be for me to give up my olypoic christian spirit to belong to the wet blanket of glumbiling no  please must you please don't gollum leave us to get rid of this ring and aspire to the freshly beesmmer cauldron of the five sky born firy rings

i do not want to fall into the ring of fire of johnny cash reverent and preachy from the self abuse victim fire walking sky walking cosmic point of view but instead to find fellow runners stumlers attempters and sustain with them some kind of aspiration

no it has not been wrong to leave the isaloation of the still small voice of net book gift from my beloved son and i am not giving up the goal of writing childrens books but the child i am writing for need his dad i need god but not to scribe sermons but to musically scribble doodle a happier more oly,moian joy ful love of jesys brother to the same loving dad.. my own brother david is doing ok he has a girl friend and he has a good attiude and he has retained employment

the rules of morning pages are they keep writing beyond what you imagined you comfortably had to say like the piano i plough forawrad into terrritory i do not yet know in the hope of being open to growth and to changes and to 'success' going for gold for stamina for life that apsiring flame of shared unity and celebration and good news yes some day we say we shall know something greater than the ol=ypics -i know in my heart that what doctor franck pointed to in leaves old faces and in pacem in terris simple structures for the river bed pointed to something here and now and i beleive it to be the sacred holy presence of christ of god within god's creation not to worship creation but to see God through it like to look through the miracle of a pair of eyes to smell through the iracle of a simpkle nose to taste the many flavour touch the many unfoldings to even shape and form and reflect upon swim through hat ever artistic aesthetic scientific psychologic logic babbble or verse harmony or discord be be be beloved amen preach preach preach preach and also not so not so not at all at all atlaa