Monday, 22 October 2012

people need to be maintained told they are loved-do it!

okay here goes
i've got more than a feeling
and it comes with good reason
we feel better to suspend disbelief
we do it so kindly
almost complete 'other' mind-ly
when a film on the telly it shows

as story we enter
and slip on the character mentally of the person
before us
we step into the story
not ours
yet for a couple of hours we 'believe
and we are relieved when
as if the whole world had read the secret
and knew it all turns out right because we knew it would

yet despite all the background characters in our own story lines
our own real life lines
no not the hocus pocus distractions of the
palm readers but the real living eye contact
carers reflectors of the souls travelling through our lives with us

there's an interesting interruption
unplanned 'palm' as in palm tree is the same spelling as 'palm'
as in palm leaf
i read a palm house recently
i it read
large irrigated green house in a park
it was romantic
not because it was to do with a romantic kisses and cuddles assignation

as·sig·na·tion  (sg-nshn)
1. The act of assigning.
2. Something assigned, especially an allotment.
3. An appointment for a meeting between lovers; a tryst.  engagement.

No romantic because i wanted to draw it and had received a commission to paint it 
for a young wife who wanted to give it as a gift to her husband as it was the place they had wed.

And because it was the location the previous week for my friend  Ed
to commemorate his mother's life with his family.

So then two people separate story lines had come together.

If \I were a film maker
i could would might yet use the setting to
act as the theatre 
the 'o'.

And it would facilitate the suspension of other's disbelief because they would have stepped into an
unusual yet understandable legible  analogy.

Some one some group is able to erect at great expense a small cage for home for
creatures that seem inanimate yet have biblical association and whose leaves are named after our hands
and those hands are associated with our own 'family trees' or at least our projected and imagined
toyed with futures  when placed in another's interpretations.

so then the suspending of disbelief 
please notice that is a double negative 
suspend ( don't do wait)
dis( don't or undo )

so then this 'leaf ' this be - lief

be leaf
 believe = suspend disbelief
viz don't not believe

allow yourself to be 'palmed- off ' with this story before you

so then there i was with my friend john ,who deserved a run out with his newspaper
and keeping me reassured in my isolation as an artistic warrior into the unkown
fellow Christian spaceman

drawing the web of glass
and remembering the other palm house the isla gladstone where at the beginning of the year God had watered dreams of a brand new life of dancing

aah well

and at the concservatory style dance room at hugh fearnlae whittinstall's place too
all quality asscociative film making stuff some mutual transparent tardissss

plural of Tardus perhap Tardi
I digress which is probably a welsh man whose slighlty angry di the aggressive

oh losing it if not already lost among the plants

so we started out flowing on the tender thought i had about the way we suspend disbelief when we step into a film yet are unable to believe when we come to our own lives having an author director origianter and making of the settings for our own story lines but willing to place or palms to be read by a part time tea leaf brewer of imaginary futures and there 'dry readings of who we are and where we are going and able to make reasonable guesstimates about where we ahave been.Well don't e know 
who do you think you are well clearly a dinosuar why not? Just look at us

When the next day i was drawing at the zoo i noticed it is collection of palm houses yet retirement homes for animals resued from the cruelty of ivory ctahers and rare meat gobblers having robbed alll there forests it only seemed right to produce thes vast palm house to let them have their own new year jive!

Friday, 19 October 2012

you are loved

Jesus parables are the opposite of Catch 22
they include you whether you decide you are in or you are out
If you are part of the ninety nine then you have a proactive inclusion
vineyard workers sheep and sulky brothers you are beloved of God

but the real celebration and usefulness and fulfilment of this forgiving loving dad/mum
is in the restoring those we have hurt-the ones like Joseph who we pushed out of the comfort zone
of God's love

or so we thought we pushed then into the kingdom and pushed ourselves out

our conditional love saying we believe is a hypocrite's mask

for our love should be much greater because we have found fellowship
fellowship with arrogant superior attitudes is not the fellowship God shared with us
So the ninety nine are spoken to as 'sulky brothers' fellow vine workers
who do not like the amazing grace shown by the value of a widow's mite nor the full pay given to the late arrival

nor the words relating to the joy of heaven when one sinner repents,But if you are anything like me you will use this offer of forgiveness even grab it like the prodigal from the father's hand when you realize it is you that instead of being found have been lost in selfishness all the while .Amen to God's offer of a heart of flesh and here we go again.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

a spark in the dark-'remaining current'

the dialogue twixt heaven and man
to remain current is the reason two uploading programmes have just interrupted me on way to share this insight
one Webrooter
to keep me fresh with antivirus software
the other Java
to ensure my dialogue with other services is translating/enabling (for/with) me

currency is meant to flow
air through lungs
oxygen trough blood
blood through body
breathing refreshing cleansing lymph system

insight through morning awakening insights
the pages of you written by God's continuous love.

remaining current is how much battery in the netbook when unplugged from supply

we need to be relevant
a church
or a business
say a shop needs to be an open system
facebook is good to go for God here
for it is the open lymph system of human thought
and requires no qualifications just a little
 gentle paddle and then sharing  splashes
No we are not ourselves the water though we are part of the flow
No the church is not Jesus
yet part of the flow and blessing
with Samaritan lady at the 'well' the Samaritan lady
in the parable of shared heart/mind opening koan of insight
what you do or do not do for the least of one of these

now tell me whose faith is so rock solid that they
do not need the refreshed and refreshing
 water of the renewed films by Alpha

the vineyard workers who want to quibble about the
 fresh workers will not want to find someone to bring
to the water yet that is how Jesus thirst was satisfied

'I' have food you know nothing about as He
 had just satisfied it by giving water that lasts
forever to the Lady caught in adultery by him at the well

She brought all the 'Facebook' tributeries back to the well of the Jews
in one felll swoop thus satisfying His and His Father's thirst to express and share unconditional water
as in Isaiah 55 written for sharing on Facebook you face my face his face her face this face long before the face was formed in the psalm 139 of the womb
Current needs holidays Holy days not saints other than all saints all people's days
oh for jubilee when the queen like a commoner gets to share our day with her for without the world of good will there is no current of joy and waving palms for the saviour nor the monarch to feel the breeze with

i did not come here as an 'heartist' to capture the world
I amhere to be captivated and shared amongst you 'currency'
as my Father said is meant to flow amen

and the trees of the murals of God will clap their hands amen
the trees of the father's irrigated seeds will bring the love in this barren wilderness
and oh the LOve of being current of

thanking those who were your teachers and still are
of if a thing is worth doing it IS check it out
worth doing badly
effort enough ness
for the first time
always is the first time
let us in someone wants to bring me

My Father and Jesus want to bring me

just call me 'zippy'.

Friday, 12 October 2012

the word in me and me in the word

I woke thinking if only someone would pull the thorn from my stone heart it might again be warm and loving and true flesh

it is the sword in the stone

i read the once and future king by t.h.white about young arthur and the words flowed into me through me

and i swam like i used to off the coast of st ives
when not on holiday with a smaller body then I would run a deep warm bath and pretend and swim in the bath tub under the warm safe homely water.

the story swam in me

to some the book of love is long and baring to me the word of God is becoming the fresh spring water i drink read psalm one and enjoy the freshness and it is the ocean warm and grit in my toes it is alive and i am alive in it read isaiah 55