Friday, 25 October 2013

A simpler kindlier naive and more loving world

Had a gentle evening last night.
went with two courteous colleagues to see
Laurel and Hardy..thinking about it
the name doesn't suggest stardom ,but
that of an old gents tailors where you get made to measure
any cloth you like in an old fashioned
oak wood shop with mirrors and a smell of cotton

We started out in an atmospheric pub that had these qualities
I tried to remember Michael Macintyre's name.
trying to relate on some freeing level that
the Yorkshire man who said'not for me'
when he saw the comic flounce and bounce onto the stage
was not to his 'entertain me lad' liking.

Mostly I want the gentle family atmosphere
the Laurel n Hardy old suits and ties to fiddle with
because they are silly is a sort of reassuring place of the older
mum n dad.We enjoyed that the lower floor of
Royal Court was pleasing to Jimmy Rae and I
felt like an ocean liner.

I think we are a bit fluish and the darkness
is getting to me too.Dehydrated I think but for water
would have loved another pint last night but denied myself same
as sometimes you know you want the equilibrium
of a gentler sobriety to remain
whilst the conducive flavour of the beer
would have been fab.Just knew a sniffle n a
headiness meant clarity would be preferable lest I sink .

My morning this morning is one of looking around
 and whilst being able to see
that the exhibitions and folding and removing of furniture is heading me
towards simplicity I must address the question
how to return to that creative new beginning.

Hence the intentionality of the headin.
 simpler kindlier naive and more loving world

one for me to rest in step intio produce from and wander safely in
inclusive ofg those who will be conduvie sharing appreciative and entertaining
By which I mean I with kindly world applause and encouragement might
nurture freedom for their self expression and a growth in my understanding and appreciatipon
of all of life(God's) nuances.

To see the stripped back box cartoon so well engineered for Laurel and Hardy's 2d yet 3d ness
was fab.The story line at a sort of basic line drawn by say Mel Calman
relationship and boys in a girl's ruled world.The safety were the girlfriend is more of your mum.
Yes the two men like Morecombe and Wise are children like John to his Yoko

What is missing from the relational politic is the reconcialiation of these seeming opposites.The girls need to get out to play too.i.e. with the boys in their escape.Probably the problem with any boy based 'lodge'.

Oh for Honolulu but let the wives be the dancers.

and forget the lodge rules about boys only.

Some day needs to be today.
I may live alone and yes I may find peace but the comfort of that girl I love
well like my faith it is the Eden and simplificartion I truly seek
I love my paintings of Stones that have been rolled into minimal monuments to the flowing moment in the light
I love the doves with their blues shadows showing the sky can land too and the simple materials of zink and wood and lino and mositen paper and colours with which to print.Only the print rooms have so far shown that boys and girl can liev to play affectioantely and meditatively together.But no music and dance.For my lyrics take up far less room that my framed pictures scupltures etc.

So off now to take car for MOT see how today unfolds.Gently I hope.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Creativity and the insidious accumulative-ness of embracing change.

Loved last night.There was a jungle theme.One poem was about town at night being full of people caricatured for their carnal nature and pheromones etc as animals.My book and postcard had elephant and various other zoo animals in it.Simon narrated the real experience in the Palin -like adventure of being chased by orang utan. At Amici a word that I have used in an unrecorded song  representing the name of my daughter and that of the girl ( I have missed for some time now) merged.Last night Simon was clever in the shift in his voice to make a very definite aside( like a 'to camera' of Eric Morecambe -a here in the room aware of narrator to  listener.Gerry beside me who hadn't remembered his ear n ades thought the articulate nature of Simon's annunciation very special.Heard every word so clearly so well pronounced 'a great reading voice' Oh and the jungle theme again Gerry by request/demand did 'king of the swingers' and given that Simon's tale was that of seeking to escape a mother orangutan with biscuit and banana throwing well.

Any road.Whilst writing songs and decluttering ironing has been building up and up and although large pieces of furniture and equipment have gone out I can see little mounds of things appearing like boils in the recent joyful emptiness 'space I had known for a short while.I am up early and will start drawing out a mural at 9.30.Philip Brown also added to the Amici animal theme.He narrated a poem about an hippopotamus by T.S.Elliot and even 3 a'peth a foot hand that she put two and two together and saw the Slinky's link. Marko introduced me to sleep I think.Wanting to make an essay or book out of last nights revelry has been inspired by the wonderful exciting adventure story that Simon had shared.I want to see the St.Francis film at URC tonight that Micky Schroder has arranged so I must get some rest I will set the alarm for 8 I think.Amen