Monday, 31 October 2011


Life ought to have a continuous sense of this.
Wanting to resume my children's writing course
I have waited for an affordable laptop
that would have a battery that would last
whilst I sat in a cafe to think and study.
One that is about £50 from T.J.Hughes
has just become available and my friend
John Broughall spotted it in Wirral News.

I am also hoping to include some journeys
to Heswall dee Fine Arts by bicycle.
My friends Alison and Dave Lacy
have let me borrow a lighter 11 gear one
and allowed me to store the heavy blanc et noir cruiser.

The Barcelona holiday with Amy showed me
how unfit I was.I joined Weight watchers and had my
heart checked out too.
tony and liz wilson's grandchildren

Last year in Paris the dizziness of any incline
or fast walking worried me too.

Adventure well-so far I create a large image of
a bigger view.A commission and a journal for Paris
helped last year and it was great to get closer visually
to Brighton where Amy had studied.

Currently I am working on Gaudi's Barcelona
and was delighted when I saw parrots flying free
about the town and the Sagrada familia.

I ahev done some watercolour studies from tourist's
 uploaded photos to include in my larger painting.
I will go outside and photo the drawing and studies so far.

Well I stayed in and then when I got the tiny web browser I plugged it in
f or 3/4 hour and its battery lasted the same oh dear
I am not sure it can save to usb stick nor do a full editable page of text

Not sure if prayers to get back into writing course are
 being answered through this gadget.I have it on charge again for another 3/4 hour then perhaps
 John Broughall
my Chrisitan friend can help me to see its benefits

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Morning pages

I have hanging on the side of my bath
lots of what I call sea strings.

I have recently lost 11 pounds weight
 through weight watchers

Looking fat on a photo
I put together using Photoshop
from a trip to Barcelona with my daughter
I decided to loose weight

Cameron had lost stones
using weight watchers.

I had also been dizzy when walking
in the heat of Barcelona  on sustained inclines .

I mentioned I was dieting & walking
 to Fabienne to whom
I teach a little drawing.

When I spoke of going around
the Marine Lake twice each day
she offered an alternative root
across Cubbins Green towards
Thurstaston alkong the beach
back up some steps along Wirral Way
up Mellon croft and back down Caldy Road.

The adventure of walking on sand rocks
 and pebbles  brought me into contact
 with these strings.

They appear to be fibres like hair
to which shells have attached themselves
and into which the sea has rolls felt
or paper connecting and weaving sea weed
and any loose strands it could rolls in the surf
presumably on the draining board of the beach
where I have met with them.

Recently on the piano Barbara my tutor has
 been showing me how Peter her friend
adds a lower bass note from a chord
associated to the melody from using the right hand thumb
whilst selecting notes from the chord in the left hand.

Chords strings associated rhythm riffing.

Whilst doing the sound system on Sunday in Church
Danny was playing in harmony with a girl singer
when Brian joined in and so I had to find which
 line his guitar was in and also his microphone .
Whilst Danny packed his guitar away and the girl singer also
left Brian's thread of song replaced the earlier two chord strand mix

I went to see Dylan the next night
and it was fabulous to see what his surf had
 'gathered from coincidence' through Grace.
He gripped tightly now to lyrics he had written over half a century
or more and whilst the new band and new arrangement of
riffs and tide rolled in to the M.E.N  arena.
It was awe inspiring and encouraging that
new life could be poured into these words
without the predictably crass allegiance to and earlier
liturgical hymn/recordings.

I did not go there to listen to an old record
and he had not set out to deliver one.

The harmonica bite was a clear and
well washed strand of pearls.

My friend Tony at church had kindly mentioned
on Sunday that he missed my own harmonica playing

What is great is that you hear the sound you blow
into the mike come out at the other end of the church
so long as the fold back doesn't override it.

I bet Dylan could hear himself as we could 'out there'
on the water

The next night it was Kappa at the Wro
and having seen my photographer friend
and suggested we both go and record the event visually
it was great to be a sea of splashes and scribbles 
to the rhythm of the musical waves

Laura Ed's daughter went up and mixed with 
the genius of the regular drummer and bass player
and like bobbling threads Paul invited drumming on his guitar
passed his guitar to the drummer had Laura drum on guitar
 whilst changing the chord shapes the bassist turned 
drummer Paul became bassist and so the invitation 
of the truth goes marching on Glory Glory Halleleujah
that followed the tuning at the beginning was met
with blessings

And it was great to see Paul outside the Wro 
looking in over my shoulder as the router picked 
up the drawing his guitar hand was making
on our ears inside through the router and speakers
of the elctro connected waves-'lecky' as Paul would say
though usually preserved for the solid body guitar
this was an acoustic set with amplification really.

I will go and see whether I have to paddle the 
coast and leave the strings unattached beside the sea

I have dry ones in the car I used to teach drawing with yesterday Wed
and those draining one on the shore of my bath tub.