Thursday, 22 September 2011

It been a bad day

How can such a day as this 
turn so sad?

So happy I said on facebbook that I would lap the lake twice.
I had cancelled my piano lesson as I intended to go to dentist
 then work on all day with the last third of a project for a business calendar for a friend.

But it all went wrong.On route to lap the lake I thought I am running early 
so I will take some cds back to the library.When I got the a small fine
no problem.But then there was a disc missing.
News satnd spoke of REM RIP.
Then a gallery phoned wanted to visit.
I put them off telling of my 'panic attack still happening-money related as
I was now visualizing and living the purchase of the 
German language c.ds to prevent growing fine
Fearing Amy may have it in her player I searched but did not find
so answer phone messaged then desperately text.
'What c.d?'
I found it just as she phoned .It was in d.v.d player.
Amy phoned and I said twas found but damage now done 
I was admitting to a state I did not want to be true another 'panic attack.'
Tried to alleviate with good news of two half pound weight loss
but I was furthering the picture of her dad that commenced 
with dizzy spells in Barcelona.

Then the friend called and 
after lengthy explanation pointed out no hadn't started the illustration work

Off to dentist.
Walked one lap of lake on way back
Stretched the paper for Barcelona image I long to commence in Dee
ran I bath.It went cold..Another call from friend one of the images needs changing
Good I haven't started
Visitors came and comllected good set of picture I pointed them to Slinkys and to Staaks
Put bath water on and started converting Chattanooga choo choo from stave to tab
for lesson at 4.45.Ran bath for too long and it ran cold.Got in anyway.

Realising I  had a fasting blood test in morning
 looked up how many weight watcher point in a 
Frey Bentos Steak and Kidney pudding and
 just the right number for me to consume by 
7 p.m 14 hours before blood test

The guitar lesson went well but I had to come back
 for the music I had worked on.

Phone call from a client
had forgotten to draw money to pay me
will catch me tomorrow.

How many things are going to go wrong today?
fed up I had my pudding with microwave veg.

Tried to phone the friend I would have seen today
to say I was going to bed etc.But their answer phone box was full.

So I settled down and watched a documentary on the history of the bathtub
and then did what I should have done to begin with and read the word for today.

'Prodigal heart'?
"Its better to be alone with God
than to be surrounded by those
who will hurt you."

And the daily Bread:
"God has heard your prayers;
he has seen all you do.
Do you come with bated breath 
to hear what he has to say to you?"

(As Cornelius does in Acts
when peter fearfully comes 
prepared for change to speak.

"You know that we are Jews................. 
but  God has shown me that he
 doesn't think anyone is unclean of unfit."

And the book of Hope(Billy Graham)
Searching for hope?

"in this world you will have fear and tribulation
but be of good cheer
 I have overcome this world"

So from one misery guts to the rest of the world of glumblers out there:

Look at this lovely picture and ask yourselves
why has Jimmy Fleming so much sadness in him he must indeed be quite 'nuts'?!

She is called Isobel ( my mum was called 'Isabel')
I think they both mean 'She is beautiful.'
And may I cry myself to sleep for she is!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Barcelona Amy's drawings and my new wine label

I was asked a few months ago by David Large to design
wine labels for his Green Fish  Spanish White wine idea.
He passed me a few doodles from which I worked up 
the above.
The bottom right of the images below his very deft ideas.
Imagine my delight when arriving home from Barcelona
to find him calling with a few of these lovely bottles:

I will place these against the journal and things from Barclona
Now then to Amy's drawings
 for selling as cards 
from Dee Fines Art Heswall
where her Paris cards
 have been selling joyfully.

So then great Joy.
Here are some wine label images

followed by a few of my Barcelona drawings.

Now I drew a tree on a map of Barcelona
which marries or walking with the lovely stillness
at the Hotel window view

So then look out fro Green Fish in the likes of Oddbins
and Amy's Barcelona cards in Dee Fine Arts
and my work on a series based on Barcelona coming soon.
I will leave with a few images of my clever daughter


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Le Jog

I was asked by Tim of Calday school to do something for their
summer fair and Le Jog project.When they told me what Le jog
 was about I was immediately interested.

p.s Double left click to see bigger!
a run fro Le {Land's End} to Jog {John o Groats} to raise money for the renewal of
Alderhey Children's Hospital.
What they didn't know was that Alderhey Children's Hospital saved my son's lfe
when he was two and now he is an anaesthetist and our grandchild is soon to be born to
his fiance.

So I thought as they had suggested a picture for auction
what image might appeal to many people so I thought the Royal Wedding
and had seen a picture of U.K with Union Jack fitted to the coastal edge
so  I thought a A Right Royal Heart for Britain in 2011.
see also
Then I knew having turned the red stripe of the Union Jack into a red carpet from Le to Jog
That I needed to sprinkle the UK with joyful folk.

As Billy Connolly provided Scotland  with  joyful note and Eddy Izzard own Jog
had made me aware of his childhood in Ireland I thought to sprinkle him there.

I thought having placed Ken Dodd  in the UK
it would be nice to sprinkle some literature in too
so Samuel Becket ,Dylan Thomas and Laurie Lee
surrounded my own ecological rhyme about a whale
which formed the waves of the sea.

I have a friend who died recently who always thought himself a Scot and so I decided this once missionary to Madagascar Allan Mackie
would be nice to include as would Eric Morecambe who was so like my Dad.

And I thought why not include my musician friend whose song
 I illustrated fro a charity single and then placed as a mural on another friends cafe wall
City Cafe Stanley Strreet.

The song mentions the Liver Birds and 2011 is also their anniversary
so Twiggy and Beaky are also included-brainchild of Ed Gilchrist of  Captial of Caring fame. 


Now the picture was once a blank piece of paper at Calday School's summer fair where Ian Rush
risked signing it and of course I did think right then big charity cheque for lots of money-no I never!
But hope he likes the picture I did unseen which includes this double portrait:

The bottom right of this map image has France in and as my daughter Amy and I shared art and drawing there following her degree in Brighton I chose to add a little of this flavour of piers pavilions and Towers too
alongside Matisse Chagall and Picasso Amy paints Dieppe Harbour.

Oh and Pink Panther inspector Clueso and Bayeux tapestry too.

So then other than editing and sending the big picture to Calday for auction there we have it.