Wednesday, 24 August 2011

the mind is an interesting child at play

Watching Time watch with the tired kindly eyes of Tony Robinson
Baldrick of Black adder fame,I thought of the wonderful illustrations
by Victor Ambrus visulising how things used to be for them and
I remembered a wonderful version of Shakespears' illustrated tales he did
I thought of the children's day nursery at Frodsham I am  visualising
and I thought of the gently trowel scraping to unveil physical contact
with the past and the time capsules they plant like seeds for the future
I thought of J,K Rowling on her quest to find out more about herself
on Who do you think you are.And I recall too her revelation of her Christianity
relating to the concluding chapter of Harry Potter.I think of Stephen Fry's
voice over for the Ocean Giants respecting the dialogue twixt Whale and man
and 'compassion'.

Also of the capsules containing broadcasts of
Paul McCartney in outer space and how
 'we love animals because we are lonely as a species'
as Steve Berger said in one of his books(published blog capsules)

What seeds we plant what associative thought we peruse
and how we seek author and authority.

And I think of the gentle words
'I cannot bear to teach what I do not know myself'
that Waiting for Godot famous Samuel Beckett
spoke of.I his biography  I noticed what I feel to be the
bio-phys of Godot.

He helped  in the rescue of people from  war torn France
it involved lots of waiting on country roads and farmhouses.
Watching the life of J.K.Rowling unfold  on her searching out her roots
the synapses that flash for her writing in Harry Potter shows
their is a time capsule in each of us abstractly unfolding the good stuff.
The old testament is the Darwin like intuitive leap of Jesus human DNA
that's were the model came from Stephen (Fry).

I love too the way in Grapes of Wrath the main character is likened to a turtle.
The turtle that Darwin brought home outlived him by a great many years
so much for man's consecutive superiority.The dust bowl that informed
John Steinbeck is the same one that Woody Guthrie survived ti inspire
 Bob Dylan with in his blog  capsule Bound For Glory.
The same dust blowing under someones door caused
 thoughts and creation of the vacuum cleaner.

I wonder what Jesus wrote on the ground?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

seeking to share in some inherent goodness

Oh Lord
and any reader

you know I am sympathetic
to Lennon's imagine
and Eddie Izzard's
and other friends questioning of natural disasters
like tsunamis.

How can I share a faith that has been sieved
and thinned and only has a thin
 thread of hope in it

I do not wish to argue
and my prayers
are not evidence of response
nor my persistence itself
testimony to your goodness

o help as i look to the title
i gave this heart felt hopefilled
aspiration and belief in you Jesus

i seek to share you
and that something
my faith maintains despite
the disasters

we are as i found myself saying
 all spin doctors of
positivity and gratitude

all arguments seem arrogant in the face of our mortality
whether we are faith filled or feel it is all by chance

no easy answers
and God is too small a word for that which matters
the maintenance of joy hope and love

o what are we supposed to say?

yet like the psalmist
i put my hope in a savior
and yes you Jesus
are the only one i have found
let us be kind and realize you
are who you are
and who you say

in my foolishness
i found myself
saying that i did not like my face
nor my voice
i think i was just trying to unmask my ordinariness
or reveal that i am noticing
how critical i am of my agingness
my repentence
is not before a bullying God
but before who i trust and believe to be a loving father
o that we should all share in this mutually
 comforting reality
(to me  at least in this moment of faith feelingfulness)
again i say amen
for i know that in my not knowing nevertheless i am still believing in Christ
the cross and the resurrection forgiveness that is there in the book

Lord thank you for all the good guides who take this
mountain of 66 writers and share it a crumb at a time
 but in faithfulness to the wholeness of it all which is LOVE

preaching or yearning?
Yet i have just taken stock of my uninviting arrogance
when my face sets to unsympathetic
and my words to vitriolic cruelty

a few seconds of life
 should be enough miracle
what of our human disaster
i am not God 
and you do care
even if i fail to share 
the proof s
you have my heart believe.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

the genius of ordinariness

yesterday I transformed  my willow tree  looking a little like a monster
into a friendly image by putting birds and grafting in a new branch 
it is also a kitchen black board
I saw Rosie Noteworthy holding her grandson 'sweet baby james
she said look he has your trousers on
when still there i passed with these shorts on we joked about
my having thought he has stolen mine

I woke up today to pouring rain 
and a wonderful feeling ful
multi sensory-sensual
the lucid dreams
lucid thoughts
 lucid memories
lucid being
are lucid living gratefully

In my comfort I knew I was not asleep
yet was able in this relaxed state to think of advocaat
go to Holland remember lovely things about mum n dad
enjoy that when in Holland the advocaat was in broad rimmed
 bottle because it is really a sort of alcoholic 
custard to be served in a bowl and not a drink

the lucid memory gave me 
joy over dad's home made camping equipment
melamine lined cups n plates
and their mutual brilliance as loving parents

seemingly unrelated relatedness of everything

Potential book title ?
Got 4 books to read at present
Amy bought me Roald Dahl's Tales of the unexpected for Father's Day
I asked  at church for the last copy of Mission Improbable Professor Alastair  Hamilton biography
pioneer of cardio surgery for children
 Bought Tove Jansson's travelling light-I love Tove Jansson and strangely
I love another book of the same title by Max Lucado based on psalm 23
My friend and local author Laiurie Gartside
 has passed me his recently published second book in print
Chrichton's Finest Hour..

Unrelated then I watched a program based on The Code a maths idea of everything being based on geometric mathematical shapes.It related through fractals the giant's causeway  Jackson Pollock's rhythmic paint pourings and the creator of Pixar who had developed animation through wanting to create 3d sets for his aviation work.

The other night an art student who is writing his thesis on the premise is anything original?
listened politely as I poured out memories of The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler
Aaron Scharf Art and photography and a whole range of thoughts I have.

This entry tonight at 20 past midnight is a sort of celebration  of slowly getting up to date
with work on a set of characters for an annual report disguised as a calendar
three small mural pieces for a neighbor -a blackboard as a willow tree silhouette
giraffes on a cupboard door and some trees leaves blossoms and bluebirds for a 
bathroom wall

and prep work and logo idea sheets for a new children's nursery
all of which my prayers are hoping will get me a short drawing break with my daughter
and hopefully afford me a notebook computer to get m back on track with my children's writing course

recently I have been enjoying intuitive leaps and deliberate new study into legato phrasing on
piano.It pleased me to be able to root out to make you feel my love on guitar and piano.

If  you have read your way through this entry you will note that it is imperfect and only constitutes 'doing something'
My excuse for not making too much sense includes pataphysics viz the correlation of thing that only happen once.

Sue Jeffers advice 'if a things worth doing it worth doing badly'
and Julia Cameron's Morning pages 
'just write anything and don't reread it-sort of automatic.

And my own recent defence that I do not have to make'art' just be so this has just been 'being'.
I have left the me out of the last sentence as I discover that meaning by breathing and have never not been but have not ever known how not to nor how to be 'me' or otherwise 'sort of thing.' amen