Monday, 28 December 2015

new habit and new habit remembered- ZAPPY BLISSMAS

Having during the year managed to lose weight yet then during Christmas find it again I am pleased to reacquaint myself with 'the plan'. Neuro linguistic thinking is a long wordy way of saying 'whay we here and then say to ouresleves is our programming our habits forming and establishing .In a nutshell 'see it say it do = you' Christmas has the associative programme of a series of feastings I could here list em....and most come under the slimmer's world syn heading alcohol cakes cheeses cream n sweets Nice to note when allowing myself to scribble this mental 're membering' that in 'putting back together' the known/programmme I enjoyed realizing that meat fruit and veg when cooking without fat i.e spray oil or steaming instead that my new knowledge enjoyed alos listing the syn free joys of both Christmas and normal annual life as opposed to indulgent celebratory seasons. Breaking not free of programming but slipping in gentle edits and fresher better habits. So today having noticed that weight had gained and as with most Christmas'routines' the its okay 'anything goes its Christmas!' I need to now allow in the joy it is to remember wellness i.s the back on plan of authoring gratefully better eating plans So as authoring is best done on paper with pen I enjoyed remembering the everyday blissmas of counting blessings. Saying thankyou for the unwrapped presents of knowledge so alongside wriitng songs I am writing the lyrics of my tummy music So then for breakfast I am having my grilled together pineapple and bacon mushrooms on a bed of both beans and cos lettuce and topped with poached eggs sprinkled with nice fresh black pepper also two weetabix and almond milk sweetened with Stuvia* For lunchtimne I am making a chicken n rice salad with spring onion and pomegranate seeds and supper will be a slimmer's world meal with some gorgeous sprouts though I also have a savoy cabbage should I prefer And heh I just checked and I can have a small microwave style sticky pudding and even some custard with measured amounts as my daily syns So its not about dieting i.e denying the joy of life No its about enjoying developing and remembering better habit newly formed from a year of little insights gathered over the whole year but that di with a gentle resolution to 'do something about being two stone too heavy.....mmmmm and this Christmas I was bearded santa with a pillow borrowed tummy as well as Mr Sleek so who said ya can't reconcile opposites oh yes you actually can it requires including other peoples insights and working as a team to encourage change in both self and others which is out there front line church i.e entertaining that other people are angels and becoming more aware rock n roll.......mmmmm I love the discovery yesterday that there is a learning programme for the disabled entitles 'rock enrol' SPEAK THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL amen *for is is fructose free(just that part of white sugar that is in fact not real food) (and free of aspertame-even worse Robinsons call this as do Slimming world sadly 'no added sugar')

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

many rooms

Although we may feel and sort of know that none really know I still feel that all really care to arrive at a heaven when all souls can repair a place of great light a place of peace we can share The stories we read write and plot plan all taking us there. As we share all the threads of our pathways of wear. Worn through the common ground tunnels to home ladders and mindmaps stairways we roam repeatedly treading the grapes of regret till we distill the harvest to arrive at contentment we have not found not quite yet As we grow older we find that the young find us just sweet for we have let go of that loftiness deconstruct judgement's seat Longing still to be children invite all souls to still play it is then that we seek a position to pray Our knees may no longer hold us though our eyes seek the light So good each new morning as our breakfast still calls us to taste see and delight More a rest place than any we have known when to bed we are tired when we stumble to dream and untangle some threads to 'make sense' of just a little more life yet the morning makes clear that its not our acquisitiveness that is keeping us here its the wonder of every fresh breath every recognized cause for cheer so we wish ourselves joyfulness and we send up our fresh pleas a fore I take breakfast recognize all I've received meditate n say thankyou to God beyond measure that I ever had me two knees and a nose for such a life giving breeze and the hope still of sharing this vision of this common church knowing others are waking n bathing some less routinely some far less rehearsed for although our intellects egos and thinks bubbles assert that they know all and we share a new word 'mindfulness' its in waking up to the moment fresh n juicy is all. My friend Doctor Frederick said 'wisdom is life that knows that its living' So choose life in this moment may you welcome love's bliss, Are your eyes moist or grainy or a little of both are they open and reading the light of the screen of this moment of posts post your moments for other take some selfies or blog look around at your room from the mind's clearing fog see things you'd forgotten feel the blood in your legs meditate simply by writing just you feel see n wonder at so the freshness just never ends we are moving together together through life its our journey together so much to unpack from the joy that we parcel as 'present(s)' and quite simply call 'life'. When you colour your colouring book smell the wax and the wood be aware of the paper and the ink they chose and the image may resonate more if you should .Will you dip[ a briush in your tea coffee raspberry juice or the mud from a puddle can you paint outsdie the lines turning should nots in to 'shouldlls' inventing some pattern crayon rubbing some coins take a fresh piece of paper take a line for a walk photocopy some patterns recollage all the threads it is playtime forever well until its time once more for bed I had forgotten about porridge haven'st ate for a while just the smell in my mind's nose just gave me a pleasant sensation the taste has just made me smile the taste of anticipation I'll go look for the tin it once contained Christmas biscuits yet now there's oats there within I have a little low salt and just a tad of semi skimmed milk water n microwave and a sprinking of stuvia and a spoon I will lick Morning pages remembered inpsired to do them today lead me to porridge its sort of home in a shared way

Monday, 28 September 2015

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Lord protect you

The Lord protect you
when you're heading for disaster
when just like me
you live amongst
the mess of time
when all the loveliness
you sowed
refused to flower
and tearfilled eyes
are met with haze of tiredness

may heaven's wonders
and redsign us
remind us
in these bits n pieces
there's much love
and with just a little
sifting done through time then
God will reorder
into plans
so filled with love

that this bed
you lie on
is a bed of wonder
buried treasure
to reemerge
and thus refine
and though the thing you lack

will come and find you
includes the touch of Grace
of the Lord's divine
the heart within you beats
just like the dove's wing
and the olive branch
bring you
good news of higher ground
feel the arms of love
they now surround you
be still
n feel n breath
is this
just beloved exactly where you stand.

Monday, 5 January 2015

What is the semiology of card game suites?

Mmmmm woke up pondering the hearts n spades suites
and choosing to have the ace of heart rather than the ace of spades.
But then moved on from these singular logos

What or where do they come from?

Thought of each of the four as core values.
Then at the whole idea of the games they represent.

Acquisitiveness .Having more through chancing your luck.
Shrewdness slyness and winning.Having more than someone ele.

The values then?
Heart of man....represents common humanity each beating
yet has become associated with 'love' not unconditional
but winning...stealing the tart's hearts.Jammy dodging.artful heartful dodging
.They are maybe four clans with flags .Just as the chess game is black n white
cards are black or red.Both logos strong on white backgrounds
 and represent opposing armies or clans or tribes or families.
Winners or losers chancing will tell.No God just luck n mathematics
odds n evens etc.

Clubs sounded a bit more social .But then I thought of the primeval.
Caveman with the club for smashing skulls or threatening with.
History has offered many versions of these from hammer to lacerating whip.
Studded like the club symbol perhaps with nails Maybe a rock ,wood or metal.
So an aggressive suite.

Spades for digging maybe the farming suite or the morticians burying the fallen.
I prefer though the farming idea for spades relate to being more grounded of the earth.
Recycling.Perhaps colour the spades green.

Diamonds .Clearly the wealthy or those of the coin.The valuable item.

Not difficult to visualize these four using the aces as flags for four armies.
raised by standard bearers.The community or mechanics of midsummernight's dream
are the heart suite.Perhaps I mean the common folk.
The pawns on the front line on the two sides of the chess board.

The diamonds are the rich merchants

The spades then the farmers

The clubs like Hitler's militia The military and weaponed.

Mmmmmm that's I think the rub of it.

Feel I want a more inclusive image or maths that of Edward de Bono and  the musical stave
these offer a larger rainbow of colours and aesthetics of none competitivenss.Away from tribalism is the hope of harmony reflection and mutual sharing or the feast.The two suites of spades n hearts get my love whilst the clubs and the diamonds are the deceivers I fear.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

been a year since I last used this blog

Blues for three friends
all stuck at home
through illness

inspired by an album
i asked for for Christmas
No plan b by Van Morrison

so find a blues track and create your own backing for these words its a blues

Feel I got me a whole lot of happy
Lot of peace way in my soul
Yeah I got me a whole lot of happy
Deep deep peace down in my soul
Think I got to find me some fine musicians
Help me play my rock n roll

I got three friends upon this earth
a privilege to watch them growing old
Yeah got me some good old friends
I get  to watch them growing old
Ken Hodgson,George Thomson,Cameron Mcleod
don't get around much anymore

Ken he had two heart bye-passes
now he got cancer of the blood
Ken he had  him quintuple heart by pass
now he got leukemia in his blood
He once created the National Acrylic Painters
it was a holy brotherhood

George a famous painter painted Venice
Chester and the Dee
George a very kindly  painter  and one who always
sponsored me
he has had him hip replacements
Now uses a magnifying glass to see

Cameron used to mend the railway
and engineer between the rails
Repaired the Mersey railway
he was a sparks betwixt the rails
Retired and got knocked over
and put on a little weight

Each of these men have been a blessing
encouraged me in all I do
These angels that God sent me
helped me in all I did
I want to play blues harp for them
psalms to heaven can't be hid

In this life we undervalue
all the kindness we receive
in this life we fail to value
all the gifts that we receive
Just a few who will encourage
and who help us to believe

I sing my blues to heaven
and to a God who knows me well
I write this psalm for my friends
who have kept me from life's hell
If it weren't for ken the evangelist
and for George and Cameron's good selves

Lord I pray for our forgiveness
so many things we all get wrong
Lord I pray for our forgiveness
and I suspect we ain't got long
And I know and yes I understand
I cannot fix it with a song

Thankyou God way up in heaven
and the souls trapped in their room
Thankyou Jesus for salvation
and my friend who cannot roam
Oh when the glory train goes by
Come gather our souls and take us to your home.