Friday, 24 June 2011

just william -what katy did

I enjoyed the Royal Wedding so much I decided to paint it
I just received the president's prize for it at  the Deeside Art Group exhibition
So I thought I might blog the image and details and share my joy

I drew the whole thing out loosely from the maps wedding guides and spun around the images
of Westminster Abbey I even found a model that I made in a novelty shop.
I realized the scale of the picture
would make the balcony scene small so decided to do a raunchier
Kiss pic with them on the roof of the Abbey

Buckingham Palace made great backdrop for the wonderfully orchestrated crowd that
the wonderful police guided along the Mall
My love of Lady Diane Spencer made me feel that rather than war planes another kind of flower blessing angel might fly past as she did in our hearts

The bottom left seemed a good place to put some recognizable faces-the pop art
 Sargent Pepper corner as it were with Beckhams and  Sir Elton
As well as run away horse there was cartwheeling bishop
Not having had a Royal invite I thought I would have play in my signature corner
and so knowing the Queen had ruled the balcony I thought it fun to pretend to be
doing a plan.The image I am painting is actually Harry William and Lady Di on a log flume
I did not know Prince Philip was 90 soon after and I actually saw him here a fortnight or so later
entering Wets Kirby Sailing Club.Here I have him harrassed by birds.
These are all parts of the one image entitled Just William What Katy Did.
The original framed image is £750 approx A1 in size in mounted and  black matt frame
The 25 prints image size about 45cm by 30 cm  on A3+ size paper.£45 per print .


  1. love the pictures, but am really intrigued by your children's writing course.
    Where and when?

  2. Hi Alexis
    Its The Academy of Children's Writers
    Tel 01387 832752

    I am part way through but
    due to no battery life in laptop
    and not finding time to write
    as it feels more natural
    to type up in a cafe
    I am awaiting chance
    to find cash for a longer
    living smaller note book
    computer to work on more freely

    I can recommend the course .

    Blessings Jim

    Thanks for appreciation.

  3. susanne schroder20 July 2011 at 15:16

    wow I'm impressed - picture is brilliant - a little Chagali? x Susanne

  4. Cheers and thanks
    I realised some time back that Chagall is one of my favourite'children's book illustrators
    like Matisse and Paul Klee the children's books in question is their own biographical trace of their childhood hearts.

    The Royal Wedding is a children's story made real and shared for us all to enjoy . Thank God for such warm shared days. Blessings Jimbo