Monday, 31 October 2011


Life ought to have a continuous sense of this.
Wanting to resume my children's writing course
I have waited for an affordable laptop
that would have a battery that would last
whilst I sat in a cafe to think and study.
One that is about £50 from T.J.Hughes
has just become available and my friend
John Broughall spotted it in Wirral News.

I am also hoping to include some journeys
to Heswall dee Fine Arts by bicycle.
My friends Alison and Dave Lacy
have let me borrow a lighter 11 gear one
and allowed me to store the heavy blanc et noir cruiser.

The Barcelona holiday with Amy showed me
how unfit I was.I joined Weight watchers and had my
heart checked out too.
tony and liz wilson's grandchildren

Last year in Paris the dizziness of any incline
or fast walking worried me too.

Adventure well-so far I create a large image of
a bigger view.A commission and a journal for Paris
helped last year and it was great to get closer visually
to Brighton where Amy had studied.

Currently I am working on Gaudi's Barcelona
and was delighted when I saw parrots flying free
about the town and the Sagrada familia.

I ahev done some watercolour studies from tourist's
 uploaded photos to include in my larger painting.
I will go outside and photo the drawing and studies so far.

Well I stayed in and then when I got the tiny web browser I plugged it in
f or 3/4 hour and its battery lasted the same oh dear
I am not sure it can save to usb stick nor do a full editable page of text

Not sure if prayers to get back into writing course are
 being answered through this gadget.I have it on charge again for another 3/4 hour then perhaps
 John Broughall
my Chrisitan friend can help me to see its benefits

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