Saturday, 17 November 2012

within a God altered moment everything will change

prompted by an opportunity
i sometimes find myself
in exactly the right place
at an unpremeditated time
e.g. calling at john gorman's cottege
and hearing sue bordman
say yes but you need quiet time
and finding john had wood and idea and money
imminently ready for a project he mentioned in summer
i had called on route to draw hoylake
and after dropping of illustration work
at what felt like an appointed time
something similar happened when i visited
Robin and  hsis wife when they were just about to move.


to listen out sense the touch of
God in a change of momentary direction
to have interruptible thoughts.

not knowing
possibility moments with Love life and blessing

i look a bit like alan whicker
and it is because of a spontanaeous yes to
 change when selecting my glasses and also responding
to stephen vicary's movember moustache idea

instead of biting the apple of cleverness
enjoy the seeds of change at the core of God's loving provision instead
you do not know where you are but He does!

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