Monday, 28 January 2013

So I am going in via morning pages so as to not have to look at the adverts when I upload.Fortunately whatever it is that has happened does not effect how my face book page appears to you.It is only on my machine.Found this when John and I looked at it on his laptop.So then today I will finish the sixth of the eight drawings for the new mugs.During the week I will work on their colour layers and seek the research I will need for the Hilbre island mug and the second Liverpool Waterfont one.I maytake a ferry ride and use the panporama aspect of my Samsung Ace.I am now into my fourth week of the prosperous heart book course and it is about CLEANING HOUSE.Interstingly illustrated by these facebook unwanted ads.Perhaps when finances permit I will get the ipad I promised myself and rid myself of this old laptop that doesn't want to do wifi although kittted up for also has a sad old battery that is expensive to replace.The watchword if to remove'clutter' It is always good wehn I spring clean any time of year.The emptying brings  huge infilling of the creatice comic cosmic awesome Holy Spirit breath of life.Two big goals this year to PLAY OUT i.e write some songs and do open mike ...brave yes!  I can be and will be! and to do assignment eight which will probably be a comic strip if Izzy Pop the detective.Any way want five minutes of stillness and some piano playing and maybe a little tidying before i cath my 77 bus so ...that all folks!!!!!!!!!!.There and not one advert intrusion.I will come see what it looks like now..though as i said these ads do not appear if you go on my page.You propserous blessed ones. Less clutter more clarity =prosperity you were not even aware of perhaps?

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