Monday, 13 January 2014

Mind palaces

Poirot speaks of little grey cells
the recent Sherlock speaks of mind palaces.
I think of misogyny and a friends's interpretation of the bible
'a woman must not have authority over a man'.
Then I think of the streams that feed his mind.
Agatha Christie and the Daily Mail.
Well 'she' and 'he' then.
The she who writes for the Miss Marple
of seemingly background figure who is able
to be an incidental figure in the village
subordinate to male society
like the Bronte sisters writing as men.
Created by a woman and expressing a
woman's wisdom ,but 'knowing her place'(that right then?).
Reminds me of Good will hunting ,when the psychiatrist
speaks to Will of 'not much dignity in that' viz acting as a
janitor in the most prestigious maths university
and when no one is looking completing formula
that only one or two brains on the planet can achieve.
So instead then has to act as a foreigner ,giving her the chance to play
with her own identity.On the one hand everyone thinks
that he is French(a man) when he is real;y Belgian(a woman?)
Yet my friend seems to fail to notice he has been ministered to
by a woman.Following her (secular?) parables for years.
An avid fan!

But that wasn't the mind place that I woke to at ten to four.

No it was the ying and yang of male/female parables in the form of
two important film parables. Both using watery metaphors.
In Amelie she dissolves before our eyes onto the floor of the cafe
into so many little drops of water.In Shipping news Kevin Spacey
drowns as water fills the rooms each time his identity is disintegrated by
a none love situation.Strangely the mind palace here is also added to.
For God has also segue-d  Kevin into the character in Paying it forward.
In which the ministrations of the boy's mother completes him.

Both proverbial female characters are illustrated in the Paying it forward
parable.His first wife is the wrong type of girl.Whilst the kindly mum
is the right type.She is the one who has nurtured a compassionate boy
who at Kevin the teacher's invitation comes up with the human as angel
who does three good things ...and the pay it forward actions (Biblical behaviour).

In both Shipping News and in Paying it forward Kevin Spacey's character
is informed /transformed from damaged/abused/confused/hurting to a functioning loving
 (forgiven) new man through the compassionate acts of kindly women.

The ying to the yang of this is Amelie.Her parents are studies in shallow none meaningful
lives illustrated by the nit picking love of their contents.Exemplified by knowing in
 detail their boring bags and uncreative environments for their child.

She is so full of life that she rights wrongs like a Quixotic genius.
The best bit is when she crosses the road describing the world around
 her to the blind person who has a postively euphoric Damascus road experience
with her mind's eye open to all the wonder beauty and joy of the encounter.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah born again at its best.

To these films one must add Good Will Hunting where it is the focus
on the love of a woman that liberates both client and patient as they
realize the point of life is fulfillment of choosing life,
utilizing the gifts one has been given and of pursuing relationship.

Lost and found a little Pixar film is also a fantastic parable
 for we do not always notice what God had given us.
Perhaps a lovely metaphor for God is the octopus
who balletic-ally and unnoticed (following a storm)
rights the boat,places the two disparate characters
back in the boat and then gives the boat a gentle shove
 before disappearing as they way up.

Man and woman need the same reuniting.
Three things have to go chauvinism/reactionary feminism and misogyny .
.But the main one is the idea that man has any authority.
For only the 'author' has the 'author'ity.
And just as in Agatha  Christie and  Annie Prouix
God is an author beyond gender-who writes women
and male parts evenly and without preferential treatment
that is something mna and woman kind have added in false contest
when it was is and always will of necessity be a concert of mutual symbiotic necessity.

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