Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Lord protect you

The Lord protect you
when you're heading for disaster
when just like me
you live amongst
the mess of time
when all the loveliness
you sowed
refused to flower
and tearfilled eyes
are met with haze of tiredness

may heaven's wonders
and redsign us
remind us
in these bits n pieces
there's much love
and with just a little
sifting done through time then
God will reorder
into plans
so filled with love

that this bed
you lie on
is a bed of wonder
buried treasure
to reemerge
and thus refine
and though the thing you lack

will come and find you
includes the touch of Grace
of the Lord's divine
the heart within you beats
just like the dove's wing
and the olive branch
bring you
good news of higher ground
feel the arms of love
they now surround you
be still
n feel n breath
is this
just beloved exactly where you stand.

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