Saturday, 1 July 2017


Thus to imbue an object of one's life with meaning is a personal decision Requiring tenderness and sincerity and faith Whether its a vanity unit for a domestic studio or a Belfast sink for determination to make a greater range of products form the field clay and rivers runnning through the fingers of one's life I wore a ring once liken unto Hobbits Platinum a little like white gold shiny like a mirror I could see my own reflection like a millpond. it would often have a little slice of soap beneath I often had to grab it with my teeth from just behind to slide it from my finger the wedding ring that life and hope and love bestowed Taking and in giving is a concert and should not be investement but a listening to the lady and the lord the author god of life itself who made each petal tear and ringing bell that bring the angel's wings of a Wonderful Life James Stewart Clarence and the palmin of Juju's petals to repair the sadness of the child's mind's worries such a film of wonder parable and joy and love Films are imbued with associative meaning they are personal and deeply meaningful and profound My Uncle John who cared for me sand all the songs from Gigi as we traveled on the Paris roads Maurice Chevalier my Uncle John to me and I would sing in my child's mind 'how they gonna keep em down on the farm now that they seem Pareee' To have a faith is to spire to relationship not to selfish profitability exchanges made in kind illustrate the meaning money has for some But kindness needs no payment if you are a sharing caring giver The major role of both daddy and a mum i need less own anything for a twig a puddle mud and leaf provide me paper pen and ink Like genesis page one of the Holy Books of the 66 the route to Jesus Christ's Bible singular one of peace ◄ Genesis 1:29 ► Verse (Click for Chapter) New International Version Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. My brother david and I found friendship he bought twoi for ones for him and I and when we stood in Central Station The police were offering bells to place upon our keys so should a thief attemmpt to steal them we'd hear them ring out we both got some he and i and also on my key ring is a little fob that says keep calm Brother yes life and objects imbue themselves with meaning just as meaning makes one laugh or cry Go watch 'Its a wonderful life' and see how Clarice got some wings i feel David went to heaven fully fledged and flying already let this pull on good heart strings Imbue yourself with kindness be a giver like a daddy and a mum some parents need forgiveness for the things they've said and done My father's hands repaired cars and liked steering wheels and they loved our mother too I have the rings he placed upon her fingers they are bells that bring wings too my heart will ring if another seeks to steal my bride Noone owns noone though of course sad to think of so many relationships ending sadly in divorce meaning requires tenderness of giving not of taking nor neglect Shared spaces and shared hearts are God's alone and Adam and eve must treat the garden of Eden with respect We tread and make love on Holy Ground and our bodies they are Holy Ground too. I long to rest beside my one true love And the marriage bed is growing flower petals just like Juju's repaired and pocketed the broken ones as make a wish lassoo the moon and note the raven in the bank jeremiah fed and watered as the Ark returning rainbow lilies of the field they get considered i tell the truth said jesus be like raven of the air they neither sow nor reap yet they recieve from God the best of care Unless you be a child like one of these said jesus whilst saying do not stop the children from coming unto me You may enter eden everything is eden when you find the words imbued he said with true loving prperties I will fly in and out of windows fro tis no myth this peter pan it has always and is still the gift that God gave since the very earth began. Amen

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