Friday, 12 October 2012

the word in me and me in the word

I woke thinking if only someone would pull the thorn from my stone heart it might again be warm and loving and true flesh

it is the sword in the stone

i read the once and future king by t.h.white about young arthur and the words flowed into me through me

and i swam like i used to off the coast of st ives
when not on holiday with a smaller body then I would run a deep warm bath and pretend and swim in the bath tub under the warm safe homely water.

the story swam in me

to some the book of love is long and baring to me the word of God is becoming the fresh spring water i drink read psalm one and enjoy the freshness and it is the ocean warm and grit in my toes it is alive and i am alive in it read isaiah 55

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