Friday, 19 October 2012

you are loved

Jesus parables are the opposite of Catch 22
they include you whether you decide you are in or you are out
If you are part of the ninety nine then you have a proactive inclusion
vineyard workers sheep and sulky brothers you are beloved of God

but the real celebration and usefulness and fulfilment of this forgiving loving dad/mum
is in the restoring those we have hurt-the ones like Joseph who we pushed out of the comfort zone
of God's love

or so we thought we pushed then into the kingdom and pushed ourselves out

our conditional love saying we believe is a hypocrite's mask

for our love should be much greater because we have found fellowship
fellowship with arrogant superior attitudes is not the fellowship God shared with us
So the ninety nine are spoken to as 'sulky brothers' fellow vine workers
who do not like the amazing grace shown by the value of a widow's mite nor the full pay given to the late arrival

nor the words relating to the joy of heaven when one sinner repents,But if you are anything like me you will use this offer of forgiveness even grab it like the prodigal from the father's hand when you realize it is you that instead of being found have been lost in selfishness all the while .Amen to God's offer of a heart of flesh and here we go again.

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