Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I have set out my oil paints for the first time in years

So then a panel from my trompe l'oeil sits on the easel.
I have not painted in oils for years.An yet it is the most
plasticene and affectionate use of light offering all kinds of
illusions,allusions and affection caresses of life projected
and remembered.

today I hope to get the text from the powerpoint
and narrate it onto the youtube clip I seek to make
and link for the friends who are playing the charactors
in the stone soup tale on sunday

I am typing my morning pages today,because it feels
and seems and is more sociable.the hot water is on for my dishes.
I was so pleased with Michael palin and his diary keeping
and love of life and visiting old friends that I think I will do
 my best to let these become my own core values.

Romantcally I love the searle and Francois and Chagall
 model of drawing and wrttine journal although here
 I am projecting onto them.I wish to imute to them that as
 they drew they also wrote.I have I feel seen evidence of this.
I know that Chagall wrote a biogrphy and have read articles by Searle.

Frederick franck is to my mind the one who has given me the notion
 of an illustrative journalist and there is something about the Tintin
 reporter that speaks of herge's real talent and Tove jansonn's
projections are peronal diary entries too,Dylan celarly inspired by
Woody does the same >and ther is plenty evidence of both
 his and joni Mitchell's drawings and lyrices relating to each other loosely.

I see that Steve and I step aside and confront Sunnets with different attitudes.
They should represent sout sea islands and freedom.Yet if I do not have the south sea island they are like a shop window or a holiday brochure teasing me with a flashy ad at the end of the day and questioning why I have.nt the bank balance to take meself oss the where the sun is moving on to shine.Why in stead of wathing thte sunset can I not just go follow it.The horizon belong to the gypsy in me,I pompously ponder being an artist if i cannot see the loveliness where i am instead of being pulled off track by that is Christ's star not horoscopes and flashy page three that garishishly calls to my own you can see the equivalent i look at the crass lack of subtlely that burns your eyes out..

heho the devil likes me angry but god says enjoy the flowers I gave you.The fruit in the basket beside you the piano before you.If you are going to chase dreams jimmy then do it with my help and somedaytime sunsets of that heart of your.Why rename you itf you do not embrace and listen to your heartist leanings and meanings .it is a prayer afet all.Put Christ's heart compassionate towards Steve never patronising .he sees fro the eyes i gave him and you see through the eyes i gave you.Did I learn nothing from frederick franck they ill be able to draw like and fredrick draw the way God shos you. Amen

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