Tuesday, 9 April 2013

a prayerful prosperity plan

it is the new tax year and \i have some goals
1.write a letter to Shirley Hughes who i would like to talk to and draw in London
as i got frustrated by the weather at Christmas I want a second trip and it would be wonderful to meet this successful artist and draw London as I had hoped.
2.A haircut today at 2.45
3.MOT on Thursday at 9 a.m if needs be i will seek to afford a new car
4.I have the tax return profit statement to do for 2012/13
5. The last assignment for the prosperous heart book is that i should make a prosperity plan
6.noting that I still have not accomplished assignment 8 of my children's writing course I have this in mind
7.Music again i would like to recommit to playing piano and yes it would be good to do grade 1
8.Studying and reading and reflecting upon Tove Janssonn
9.Finishing things the trompel'eiol and other works around my lounge.
10.Sculpture oils and story boards.I feel close to Tove.i was born on an island.I long to write picture books.her father was a sculptor.we both have a need to paint and travel and write.

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