Saturday, 3 January 2015

been a year since I last used this blog

Blues for three friends
all stuck at home
through illness

inspired by an album
i asked for for Christmas
No plan b by Van Morrison

so find a blues track and create your own backing for these words its a blues

Feel I got me a whole lot of happy
Lot of peace way in my soul
Yeah I got me a whole lot of happy
Deep deep peace down in my soul
Think I got to find me some fine musicians
Help me play my rock n roll

I got three friends upon this earth
a privilege to watch them growing old
Yeah got me some good old friends
I get  to watch them growing old
Ken Hodgson,George Thomson,Cameron Mcleod
don't get around much anymore

Ken he had two heart bye-passes
now he got cancer of the blood
Ken he had  him quintuple heart by pass
now he got leukemia in his blood
He once created the National Acrylic Painters
it was a holy brotherhood

George a famous painter painted Venice
Chester and the Dee
George a very kindly  painter  and one who always
sponsored me
he has had him hip replacements
Now uses a magnifying glass to see

Cameron used to mend the railway
and engineer between the rails
Repaired the Mersey railway
he was a sparks betwixt the rails
Retired and got knocked over
and put on a little weight

Each of these men have been a blessing
encouraged me in all I do
These angels that God sent me
helped me in all I did
I want to play blues harp for them
psalms to heaven can't be hid

In this life we undervalue
all the kindness we receive
in this life we fail to value
all the gifts that we receive
Just a few who will encourage
and who help us to believe

I sing my blues to heaven
and to a God who knows me well
I write this psalm for my friends
who have kept me from life's hell
If it weren't for ken the evangelist
and for George and Cameron's good selves

Lord I pray for our forgiveness
so many things we all get wrong
Lord I pray for our forgiveness
and I suspect we ain't got long
And I know and yes I understand
I cannot fix it with a song

Thankyou God way up in heaven
and the souls trapped in their room
Thankyou Jesus for salvation
and my friend who cannot roam
Oh when the glory train goes by
Come gather our souls and take us to your home.

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