Monday, 5 January 2015

What is the semiology of card game suites?

Mmmmm woke up pondering the hearts n spades suites
and choosing to have the ace of heart rather than the ace of spades.
But then moved on from these singular logos

What or where do they come from?

Thought of each of the four as core values.
Then at the whole idea of the games they represent.

Acquisitiveness .Having more through chancing your luck.
Shrewdness slyness and winning.Having more than someone ele.

The values then?
Heart of man....represents common humanity each beating
yet has become associated with 'love' not unconditional
but winning...stealing the tart's hearts.Jammy dodging.artful heartful dodging
.They are maybe four clans with flags .Just as the chess game is black n white
cards are black or red.Both logos strong on white backgrounds
 and represent opposing armies or clans or tribes or families.
Winners or losers chancing will tell.No God just luck n mathematics
odds n evens etc.

Clubs sounded a bit more social .But then I thought of the primeval.
Caveman with the club for smashing skulls or threatening with.
History has offered many versions of these from hammer to lacerating whip.
Studded like the club symbol perhaps with nails Maybe a rock ,wood or metal.
So an aggressive suite.

Spades for digging maybe the farming suite or the morticians burying the fallen.
I prefer though the farming idea for spades relate to being more grounded of the earth.
Recycling.Perhaps colour the spades green.

Diamonds .Clearly the wealthy or those of the coin.The valuable item.

Not difficult to visualize these four using the aces as flags for four armies.
raised by standard bearers.The community or mechanics of midsummernight's dream
are the heart suite.Perhaps I mean the common folk.
The pawns on the front line on the two sides of the chess board.

The diamonds are the rich merchants

The spades then the farmers

The clubs like Hitler's militia The military and weaponed.

Mmmmmm that's I think the rub of it.

Feel I want a more inclusive image or maths that of Edward de Bono and  the musical stave
these offer a larger rainbow of colours and aesthetics of none competitivenss.Away from tribalism is the hope of harmony reflection and mutual sharing or the feast.The two suites of spades n hearts get my love whilst the clubs and the diamonds are the deceivers I fear.

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