Wednesday, 28 October 2015

many rooms

Although we may feel and sort of know that none really know I still feel that all really care to arrive at a heaven when all souls can repair a place of great light a place of peace we can share The stories we read write and plot plan all taking us there. As we share all the threads of our pathways of wear. Worn through the common ground tunnels to home ladders and mindmaps stairways we roam repeatedly treading the grapes of regret till we distill the harvest to arrive at contentment we have not found not quite yet As we grow older we find that the young find us just sweet for we have let go of that loftiness deconstruct judgement's seat Longing still to be children invite all souls to still play it is then that we seek a position to pray Our knees may no longer hold us though our eyes seek the light So good each new morning as our breakfast still calls us to taste see and delight More a rest place than any we have known when to bed we are tired when we stumble to dream and untangle some threads to 'make sense' of just a little more life yet the morning makes clear that its not our acquisitiveness that is keeping us here its the wonder of every fresh breath every recognized cause for cheer so we wish ourselves joyfulness and we send up our fresh pleas a fore I take breakfast recognize all I've received meditate n say thankyou to God beyond measure that I ever had me two knees and a nose for such a life giving breeze and the hope still of sharing this vision of this common church knowing others are waking n bathing some less routinely some far less rehearsed for although our intellects egos and thinks bubbles assert that they know all and we share a new word 'mindfulness' its in waking up to the moment fresh n juicy is all. My friend Doctor Frederick said 'wisdom is life that knows that its living' So choose life in this moment may you welcome love's bliss, Are your eyes moist or grainy or a little of both are they open and reading the light of the screen of this moment of posts post your moments for other take some selfies or blog look around at your room from the mind's clearing fog see things you'd forgotten feel the blood in your legs meditate simply by writing just you feel see n wonder at so the freshness just never ends we are moving together together through life its our journey together so much to unpack from the joy that we parcel as 'present(s)' and quite simply call 'life'. When you colour your colouring book smell the wax and the wood be aware of the paper and the ink they chose and the image may resonate more if you should .Will you dip[ a briush in your tea coffee raspberry juice or the mud from a puddle can you paint outsdie the lines turning should nots in to 'shouldlls' inventing some pattern crayon rubbing some coins take a fresh piece of paper take a line for a walk photocopy some patterns recollage all the threads it is playtime forever well until its time once more for bed I had forgotten about porridge haven'st ate for a while just the smell in my mind's nose just gave me a pleasant sensation the taste has just made me smile the taste of anticipation I'll go look for the tin it once contained Christmas biscuits yet now there's oats there within I have a little low salt and just a tad of semi skimmed milk water n microwave and a sprinking of stuvia and a spoon I will lick Morning pages remembered inpsired to do them today lead me to porridge its sort of home in a shared way

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