Monday, 28 December 2015

new habit and new habit remembered- ZAPPY BLISSMAS

Having during the year managed to lose weight yet then during Christmas find it again I am pleased to reacquaint myself with 'the plan'. Neuro linguistic thinking is a long wordy way of saying 'whay we here and then say to ouresleves is our programming our habits forming and establishing .In a nutshell 'see it say it do = you' Christmas has the associative programme of a series of feastings I could here list em....and most come under the slimmer's world syn heading alcohol cakes cheeses cream n sweets Nice to note when allowing myself to scribble this mental 're membering' that in 'putting back together' the known/programmme I enjoyed realizing that meat fruit and veg when cooking without fat i.e spray oil or steaming instead that my new knowledge enjoyed alos listing the syn free joys of both Christmas and normal annual life as opposed to indulgent celebratory seasons. Breaking not free of programming but slipping in gentle edits and fresher better habits. So today having noticed that weight had gained and as with most Christmas'routines' the its okay 'anything goes its Christmas!' I need to now allow in the joy it is to remember wellness i.s the back on plan of authoring gratefully better eating plans So as authoring is best done on paper with pen I enjoyed remembering the everyday blissmas of counting blessings. Saying thankyou for the unwrapped presents of knowledge so alongside wriitng songs I am writing the lyrics of my tummy music So then for breakfast I am having my grilled together pineapple and bacon mushrooms on a bed of both beans and cos lettuce and topped with poached eggs sprinkled with nice fresh black pepper also two weetabix and almond milk sweetened with Stuvia* For lunchtimne I am making a chicken n rice salad with spring onion and pomegranate seeds and supper will be a slimmer's world meal with some gorgeous sprouts though I also have a savoy cabbage should I prefer And heh I just checked and I can have a small microwave style sticky pudding and even some custard with measured amounts as my daily syns So its not about dieting i.e denying the joy of life No its about enjoying developing and remembering better habit newly formed from a year of little insights gathered over the whole year but that di with a gentle resolution to 'do something about being two stone too heavy.....mmmmm and this Christmas I was bearded santa with a pillow borrowed tummy as well as Mr Sleek so who said ya can't reconcile opposites oh yes you actually can it requires including other peoples insights and working as a team to encourage change in both self and others which is out there front line church i.e entertaining that other people are angels and becoming more aware rock n roll.......mmmmm I love the discovery yesterday that there is a learning programme for the disabled entitles 'rock enrol' SPEAK THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL amen *for is is fructose free(just that part of white sugar that is in fact not real food) (and free of aspertame-even worse Robinsons call this as do Slimming world sadly 'no added sugar')

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