Monday, 29 August 2016

Pay dirt persistence

Can you overthink something? Can you overpray? can you over play? can you over rest? There we have already started to examine some of the questions to gether. have we gathered anything yet? Mmm ticky...perhaps that everything EVERYTHING is questionable? Is questioning the question and the authority of the one questioning 'OVER' thinking? I don't think you should OVER think how you are feeling although mindfulness when eating is that not savoring and REALLY tasting? Savor the flavor of how you feel what you taste. Invitation instead of question...mmmm there's not the rub but the nuance. is it True? Is it Honorable? Is it in the person's Interest? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? Do I overthink by a) giving values or learning values fro each letter of the word THINK? b)can one over THINK 'thoughtful'ness when caring? e.g did the Samaritan overthink his response to the man in the road that had been attacked by the gang of robbers c)what kindness is being offered when a friend offers as salve or Savlon the brokenhearted the word s 'Don't overthink it' A) Is the name of a Christian group look to be differentiated from others as one might choose a colour or team.So here the suggester of the name: A lovely curly haired gentle soft spoken friend and also a young caring dad, wants to imbue or offere a useful tool. The tool itself a sort of can opener for kind heartedness. YES overthink...even edit one's thoughts so as to act more like the Samaritan. B)Yes one can overthink thoughtfulness when caring for spontaneous acts of generosity must not as the bible suggests 'let the left hand know what the right hand is doing'. When you kiss your girl don't blink or unrisk.Risk. C)My friend is reminding me of my own habit of exhausting myself and seeking to second guess God. 'Be still and know that I am God' Another friend when I sought the same comfort asks a question 'Does the girl you are smitten with know Jesus?' Again the action is kindly.Inferred is does she share your love and surrender to something greater or is she overthinking and trusting her own instincts and intellect or surrendering to faith is love itself? What do I think ? What is my conclusion? Only that I feel sad. That I never want to unhug the girl I 'fell' for. That thinking will not help my feelings yet only by realizing and allowing myself some answers do I get to come to terms with my sad situation. Knowing or allowing the thought that she is 'on the rebound' her words not mine,do I then accept the boot. She isn't ready for another relationship. I must not of course overthink the word 'relationship' to relate to empathize with to share to care to dialogue to mutually think relationship counselling is over thinking seeking an overview seeking the view that God offers perhaps when questioning anything or surrendering to something one should watch the first word over I am under God is over understanding requires I do not over think but surrender and shelter past tense it is over it is finished accept it well that's putting myself into place everyone enjoy the relationships that I am being denied see I failed to take the advice because of my feelings and the girl has failed to allow our new feelings to flower because of hers acceptance= not overthinking,but understanding....that as Sue jeffers said 'it is all happening perfectly just not ours the antithesis being 'they are playing a game of not playing a game if I show them that I see the game I will break their rules and they will punish me..I must continue to play the game of not showing that I see the game (R.D.LAING Knots) One is told never ever ever give up. Persistence is proactive mindful patience.i.e 'don't simply do nothing' Yet when one plants seeds one then waits.My only fear is that I may bury treasure and the manna goes off and I 'miss the moment'.But i have to back off.I loved the end of Nottinghill.......resigned to his fate he put her off.Great if you have a team that will drive you across town to find her,but not so if you have neen given Julia Robert's part anbd you awit the female equivalent to Hugh Grant Some will smoke some with overeat over work over over over it is over but not my life I think Venting is what the internet the blog the facebook page is for. I now seek a song to finish.I will share this to facebook and the other morning pages for as Jimmy Rae sings in a quality assertion song 'This is what I do'

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