Thursday, 10 March 2016

the 'will'

Willfulness and unmerciful cockiness are an arrogant way of going about things. I think we can all if we are honest recognize our sinful selves in this assertion or if you like confession.i.e of course if we are 'willing' to be honest. Forgiveness. it was suggested by Rob Parson's in his d.v.d /video talks from a book by the common title 'the Wisdom House',i by an act of personal will.yet as the leader/friend of a small house group concurred to highlight and reinforce this remark or perhaps assertion,it occurred to me that maybe it isn't. For I noticed in that one has chosen to surrender acquiesce ,let go,forego judgement,transcend personal hurt it is really a divinely assisted denial of one's willfulness. We had realized ,mutually as a group, through study of Russel Crowe's depiction of Inspector Javert in Les Misérables that the willful inability to forego on'e assumed legal rights to assumed common justice leads to suicide.That to not forgive is to imprison oneself inside the bars of a systematic prosecution not just of the pursued but oneself as the pursuer. Whilst to forgive oneself and to forgive others for causing us to feel that we had ,been placed in the untenable position of needing, to steal our daily bread, was liberating/liberation.Jean Valjean's willingness is brought about by the generous act of Bishop Myriel . Divine example is both a gift and a transmission of the Holy Spirit out flowing I am reminded that my dad asked me 'why is money called 'currency'? And his delight in sharing the insight 'because it is meant to flow. Perhaps not being able to forego the pernicious rules Javert had like Judas decided to pop himself in the Seine as an act of reinvestment in the Potter's field of the Author of the coin and the vestment of authority. Divine is 'of the vine' and what we feel to be will may be just the Secateurs of the gardener-the vine dresser.

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