Sunday, 23 October 2016

flying solo duo and group

At present after realizing my single-hood is going to be prolonged I have nevertheless also accepted and pro actively sustained a life time's dynamic of transformation and change. Soloists and single flyers include St.Francis of Assisi Amelia Earhart,Antoine De Saint-Exupéry's Little prince Mother Teresa .Herge's Tintin,St.Paul,Jesus Yet some people i.e solo artist's are not un-partnered. Even in fiction Tintin has Snowy.And in Little prince the solo pilot is a meditation on another who is from another like Bowie's major Tom . In my child's mind I always hoped to be Adam in Eden with an Eve who a kind author brought into the garden where I had been planted. When there was no girl there was instead paint pens and paper and later the lady was a musical instrument from harmonica to ukulele to guitar violin. Yet despite some lovely God given Eve's who walked into and out of the Eden I shared none stayed. Just reflections projections hopes dreams and traces in lyrics riffs doodles and melodies and movies. Each Eve imagining her ideal Adam and each manifestation of being their Adam proving not to be not for me an Eve of something lovely and lasting. The solo flying of harmonica has always enjoyed the sky provided by other musicians skies often duets...with various friends Steve,Simon,Jim and David often to some heartfelt song about losing the lady or the loneliness of Eden or the sky to fly in over and out of it as with praise in the altar with Simon or rock n roll with Steve,Jim or Dave of course there is even then the splitting oneself into sky and bird and author as one takes a string instrument in one's arms a harmonica in a cradle lyrics in one's mouth and flowing heart becoming a pretend duo group or momentary movie romance of reflection. This is like doing a mural or a commission for another always best when for a couple for then like a midwife of emotion one gets to record their flight with the wings of imagination God gave you this is I feel like being a hymn writer God takes on a shared group reality and mutual reverie when a church is lifted by a praise 'group' groups then are concerts i.e concerted mutual efforts to provide the flowers tress and ground and sky for each other's comfort whether it be illusion or reality is of no matter just as when two lover's spill all they are into the common shared river of their mutual lives Pacem in Terris may be found whether it be Wirral Ukulele Fanatics Beatles Jimmy Rae and the Moonshine Girls Pink Floyd or the wise decision of Bob Dylan to work with a band or John Martin or Van Morisson to be tempted towards orchestra yet one's mind and theirs too in the case of John Martin and Roger Waters a deep and loving empathy and reverence for the lost sheep soloist who give their sermon's on the mounts like the fools on the hills they are Nick Drake-living on solid air- a tough flight that one Syd Barrett -piper at the gates of dawn-wish he was here and when he was flying solo Bob put it well the answer is still 'Blowing in the wind like that harmonica Bob borrowed that plane from Woodie there's a star man waiting in the skies well if there wasn't prayers would be just thin in and not so solid no one to pipe in the dawn no fool on any hill to play day after day no sermon on any amount of mounts the front line is either an Eve or a few disciples on an Emmaus Road hoping they walk with Psalm 23's shepherd neath Psalm One's trees beside The River man

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