Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to reachings and why to reachings

mmmm still like the line from a Bowie album ...might be Hunky Dory 'we were so turned on by your lack of conclusions.' My mum seemed to have a mental cog that sought to blame 'who did this?' Admittedly she also had a compassion seeking to forgive line 'Jimmy always leaves his mark,as if he wants to be found out'. Anyroda....when setting out to do some pondering n musing the upshot seems to be a game of 'my idea is best'. Morning pages is Julia Cameron's invitation to mine the mind and just pour out words.yet we are so or I am so unaccustomed to ' jamming ' and letting the sugar in the fruit of the words just bubble up sweetened to spread on my joy that instead I try to have an intro and a three point 'argument and a conclusion. the thrust seeming to want to arrive at the station of conclusion because all else ...i.e. the flux of just 'being' has been directed through synaptic gateways like sheep to a pen that says 'profit' 'benefit' 'wisdom' 'epithet' 'novel'... so if the words are a conveyor they are on the cliche belt and cogs of heading towards the seen before known and verifiable product piles compartmentalized and ready to be utilised functionally. Not mindful Pooh like joys of musing mindfully glad that thunks chunks floated past n through and around toes up noses through blood stream and offering little boats in a river and a bit of paddling sand pit and wood shed tinkering. Mmmm what happens if and having ideas by playing with materials. Thankfully Klee Lear Clued Oldenburg and Alexander calder pondered not jst with rhyme but colour wire and cloth and instead of making sense made senses taste sounds sift grins of sand and poured fuel into the wonder 'So turned on by your lack of conclusions.' I'm okay you're okay was a lovely little Monet noticed as plausible and joyful whether child to child adult to adult or parent to parent by a book entitled the Games people play by Eric Berne M.D Imagine all was heaven. my spin on John Lennon's song for he than asked us to imagine 'all the people living life in peace' Be like a flower a bird a child be like one of these mmmmm the young Arthur in the sword and the stone enjoyed his meditations sadly he didn't get to stay in Eden as he was apprenticed to rule. An error I feel insomuchas these conclusions of grandeur are handled well with Cordelia's unconditional love of her dad the king mmmm i can feel myself reaching a conclusion for the less than comical Lear seeks to share out his kingdom to those poisoned by the Trump Farage win at the expense of all others unlike them expense Winning and owning and me me mine are crap tune a lousy conclusion and really crud lyrics hence Syd Barret is a joy Nick Drake is a fruit tree showing the truth in 'fame' and the reason that Tom Bombadil didn't develop the plot but was a bit like Tolkien and Lewis's own worlds of dwelling in an impressionist Pacem in Terris. perhaps Dylan's asking 'what are you saying?' with the lyrics that snapped the Beatles from 'love love me do' to 'gona start a revoluion-count me in /count me out' wasn't the best invitation and though he enjoyed having a band and going electric he too prefered the love love me do of sitting on this bank of sand and watching the river flow dock of the bay direction.... see how conclusion come to grab one and pull you down with them its why iam seeking to crochet knit and tinker with bits n pices fro the playing with colour allows the Eden like childhood of wonder to offer me the flowers and the myriad fruits of ...mmmm wel wells of water full of potential and Tove is good too at not reaching conclusions but somehow mysteriosly steaming a thought in a musical way that feels like a good ponder with shape unpredicated unpredicted mmm a window

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