Saturday, 13 May 2017

everyone matters

its important to let everyone matters even those that do hurt us do too jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do if you yourself were not a small piece of sacrament bread from the one bread were not a grape from the vine become water and wine then how would your value be salty andunderstand this sad song? You matter and so do the ones that have hurt you they did not know just what they do Nothing is going to be wasted that God tenderly nurtured corrected and put back the one pathway through the garden put down the 'horror scope' ' for they are fiction and do NOT never could or have seal(ed) your fate that's twixt you and a generous artist sculptor animator scientist genius both male /female/totally 'other' author not limited by man's manipulative schemes FORGIVENESS so vast tis an ocean yet one need not return for more hurt and you won't make the same mistakes twice if you look heavenward and take on much more compassionate values like that of forgive n forget n move forward learning to trust in the LORD LADY author of everyone's hearts not just their's amen

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