Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I love the word 'whilst' and how it invites represents and gentle nudges the world's fabulous simultaneity and mais ouis but of course multi tasking for we all breathe n dream as we sleep eat smile gaze as we eat drive using one hand for the wheel two feet for the speed as our eyes scan the road and the mirror and reflect all the time on the long journeys all of the time so bonjour tout le monde good mnorning to all of the world 'whilst I have been typing this I have bee listening feeling and my feet touching the rag rug and my ears hear the milk float go bye whilst youv'e been reading this rhyme you have been feeling its beat whilst your heart beating so then has mine so how sweet and how neat whilst wearing your pants n licking your lips taste the world's salt beneath all our house and clothes all the adams n eveses still naked neath fig leaves and sharing the simultaneous sap oozing up through God's weel ropoted vine and I will say it again go read you psalm one plant yoiurself where ther water still turns streams into wine and the feats of the marriages of heart soul body earth water and creatio ex nihilo will show you there's is no such thing as 'dirt' tis living soil growing nurturing whilst offereing sand neath our feet whilst our toes seek to meet halelujah for whiling away whils t the birds bees n sea tide are breathing in shared air whilst bathwater runs to wash all of those bottoms boobs tums of babes dads n mums whilst stiff upper lipped politicians seek maintain status quo and decorum well all i can say come back to reality and a gentler humanity cehz mois au chez vous that is to say your place or mine neither really for whilst thinking like this it is our author's page pen and of course so is the law's real rhythms n rhymes transcend so much stuff tis all leaves n petals to play with we must find a warm river and flow there together whilst our clothes sort of jumble together like a collage with daisies n socks pebbles leafves and joggled off shoes whiolst whilst whilst whilst is a gentle whispy breath as the fibres mutually caress the world gets back to Eden to gardens n gifts whilst not knowing so much oft not feeling the touch of shrill wondrous electricity buzzing n fragrantly seeping n oozing synapses tongues words n flutter by humming birds of paradise us we are fantastic yet extra ordinary whilst well you get the gist please continue on through you day eat it for breakfast for all is neither then yours nor then is it mine

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