Friday, 4 August 2017


You are life to me each morning as i compose a poem from a tear. Life is a teardrop on a young girl's face Sometimes wellies plashing in puddle. So a teardrop and a puddle what then as each passing year? A leaf a stick a blossom floating in a stream Life becomes a nice warm reverie a bathtub or a shower and wondrous stream In the steamed up window I would draw you as you lay down in your tub of course writing there 'I love you' a trickling drop slide downward from above You are every wetness that I have ever known my own self swimming in St Ives sweet sunny sea Every dewdrop on each bud or flowers You are very life to me I got you pumping through my own blood The realer currency the currency of hearts beating air fuelled lungs extracting goodness from the morning or the evening air our hearts beating constantly you are moistening your bed sheets from the pores of all you are Life is the vast ocean we're both star fish and we're stars Snow is melting on the mountains to bring reservoirs of purity to you and I Even purer than the drizzle mist a spilling tenderly from yon sky I long to lay with you in heather though we both wake up all wet I want to feel warm rain rush over both of us God will shelter us from all repression and regret There's a lake where all is mirrored but all I want to view is you as you bathe yourself upon the shore I hold a sunny towel ready there for you Then we head off to our shelter there is washing on the line let it get rinsed with mountain shower as we step in and with stick n logs we make a lovely fire we smell the wood smoke sap a blazing like the joy it is to be alive. Everybody sleeping safe n warm inside the stories written by the lovely countryside And no need for any hidden just the clarity of us we love life and all its season we're at one with all the buzz. The wood the clay the earth n seeds we're 'makers of good grace' we see god surrounding everything and we feel Love's features in our won sweet mirrored face Good morning my sweet lover good morning my good friend there is a love that lasts for ever as we begin for each other again to sow the seeds of hopefulness and kindness to all around and water the sweet patch of strawberries and Victorian sink of seedlings Your very self my hallowed ground may innocence be ours and may we keep sweet company I love to see you fly about and sometimes land upon my knee Thankyou darling hold me till the very end of time and back again as we continue life of images and rhyme just like HOLY bread and wine Amen

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