Saturday, 12 August 2017

oh to

Oh to walk bare foot through a beachside forest feel the warmth of the fine sand oh to swim in warm and friendly currents lay back read and understand that the world is vast and rounded and has no squares corners to be in and that the breath inside my body is shared with each and everything.How to remove all self focused notions as the salty ocean kisses my two lips and the fresh melted mountain water run so freely i shall sip.As I feel a better notion pouring freely through my brain and the zen of simply being tiny makes me home everywhere again.Oh to be a freer person than the thought s would sometimes have me be.Then I could lend a hand or simply rest here with my soul quite happily.Unencumbered by my folly of always working hard in heart and mind and somehow find an understanding 'he's got the whole world in his hands'.may today be just paper folding a little glue and a nice cup of tea.I'm not meant to wake and worry.I am only simply supposed to gently 'be'.All I love will be fine without me .All I care for tenderly embraced.Oh I love someone so fully and always long to see her face.Yet I must of course find oceans peaceful minded and set free.Provide pace joy and understanding and try to dissolve like salt into the flowing streams a running to the open sea.

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