Thursday, 10 November 2011

How's my prayer life?

From my point of view not from God's it feels unanswered
but I cannot really know.My habits have changed
 but my hope is still the same.
Feeling a need to be physically active meant changing my morning reading pen and bible for boots and shoreline.

Stepping out keep going keep trusting keep hoping is that prayer?Knowing a need to write and for dialogue or the morning pages of writing drawing is strong with me.

My financial resources have been dwindling and I have reached into funds I had hoped to leave alone.

Looking at my other assets I am trying my best to draw and keep drawing as Dr Franck suggested as a friend and as author of the Zen of Seeing so this is going to have images that are either meditative doodles and hopes or quick snatchings of the eye in Toast ,Linghams and The Ship Hoylake.

I found these first few doodles when looking in the plastic box of bits that I keep my writing course work in -my in tray .It has been full for 2 years on hold awaiting a portable laptop
with a battery that lasted more than a few seconds.
There are these drawing made in Toast as I sat and pondered being on hold sometime early summer.These of passers bye in the crescent opposite:

In another submission on this blog I think I upladed by Barcelona people and the drawing of Kappa band.

These are Zen of seeing and not sketches as my respect for Dr.Frederick Franck runs deep .Both book and concept Seeing-drawing as meditation is for me a prayerful celebration of life seeing life.A sketch is for picture making or furniture building etc-these are for themselves though I concede to them being tuning up for a larger melody.

So these were made a while ago and I found them as I am revising synopsis and plot plan in the hope of resuming my writing course now that I have a little web book to write and save on whilst drinking tea and point counitng (Weightwatchers style) in cafes.
These next drawings were made at' First Thursday' a poetical evening on the first Thursday of each month in Linghams Heswall:

From this point on it is the jazz musicians that play
at the Ship Hoylake 

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