Wednesday, 6 June 2012

good to have a dream a hope and a prayer

that you can share
.I am inprayer as you read each time.That perhapss
and i feel somewhere it has to be true fro each one of us that we beleive that someone hears
God is that someone
I am not diminishing
the vastness of god but being aware of the vastness without being heard.
is harder to cope with
oh I know the madness of just a curcular routine faith in thought and reason
constantly becoming aware of a tral of unrealised goals.Yet I must remain hopeful
The girl who really cares for me
The books i can and will/must write to have a product
the illustrative journeys and journals I admire and want to emulate
My main three heroes and it feels good to think of them
Dr,Frederick franck kindly clear courtous and sensible mind with drawing of purpose writing of encouragement
Roanld Searle joyful jazz riff of humour and musical colourful comical joky picture and zest for being
not a cataolgue of creatures but a bath spashing ink spattering laughter of mark making and then the gentle world of MAurice Sendak creatures of comfort.

Oh well
friend i can only pray having fun and retelling recounting yet exploring possibilities and a falsk of tea in heaven together.

we have now things to share to recount i think of Steve Whitby and the encouragement i want to share.Oh to have some reliable funding that streams sufficiently for me to enjoy music and the growing in it.Oh let me Lord please encourage me lord I seek your love your hope not to be seen as a fool but enjoyed as a warrior of belief faith possibility if i am seen as unblessed incapable and sinking and not capable running out of fuel running out of blessing drwoning in a sea of sorrow then what how might i then dsicover gifts i can share encourage others to dip into faith of a mustard seed that grow into something more wondefful and hope encoutering your face warming to what kind expression and gentle giant friendliness ai long for there Did roald dahl encounter you whilst wrting did you guide the kindly soul of janet Ahlberg to paint those lovely pictures for her husband .Has Alan Ahlberg been able to dig deep of her memory and find new happiness in courting say another lovely girl.This life I am finding hard with diminished friendship and dividng streams i am sorry that Julie does not like my work and that erik cannot show her what he sees in my drawings. I pray for greater concert somehow.

I put my faith in God.And in some way that faith is placed in my limited perception .I try to form a picture or feel a reality that I am able to form and find and step into and maintain.I found Ralph good until he copied others.I know it is a model of the way the colleges work the contextual studies of rod taylor I think it was.Oh artists in residence in schools doing what they do without being watered down now able to swim in their own strength to show there is life outside the shared common pool another freer individualright to become 'you' The selpof matteringat all.

A dream to bring about that might yet be true.

A world shared withanother kindly minded person

Oh why was that not the wife of the begun adventure whhy did she not exist both in reality and my heart
why did she leave me when the children were born only to find herself lost and lose me too.Oh I have come here to the private pages once more as they seem lord to constitue a less listened to traffic of the mind a place with you or at least with more of myself and my own uninterupted hopefulness.

I will go and share .or should I stay longer in this stream stream of my heart of hopefulness welling up making me well again a place were others cannot disturb with their imageined truth-that like mine imagine its stands further back and therefor sees more.yet when we get truly nonest doesn't.

In someways by imagining that I have gone to facebook prayer or Coliseum of lions waht shall we say..

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