Saturday, 2 June 2012

my shop sign is jimtheartist

i am open for work and for business  i am spontaneous and ready to draw to see to be and i love and beleive in Jesus .yes there are wise people and their are good people and I am happy to see parables in many sources there is no such thing as secular as there is no such thing as religion .There is such a thing as beleif and you have to change your self talk to reinform an intuition that comes from a baby in a nappy.There are grown up thought as there is exceptionally important child-likeness.This being the discovery that the self is a notion that seeks to act independently yet requires for survival releveance anf to breath interaction with food air and living breathing taking others

let us then decie to be durable to not so much endure and suffer as tot explore take risks and to trust and to be.
to be or not to be is not an alteratnive both are being for the outcome of any attempt to not be is still a willful being of some kind to die to onesefl is something \jesus said is a must. \i feel the reference to doing and not doing is the question to take part to have a voice to contradict the cliche and the corrupt conitnuum where it has become cult rut routine rotten retired lifeles and irresponsible needs attention and when i do not know how to fix it i must trust others i am not an island if if my Lord and creator has given me a moment or too to revere and be reverent too an amazing life that has offered me choices and opportunities i must seek a living .I have some work but diminished reserves and so must look at the jobs that have come in I will go into Ken Izle's page and seek out the images he speaks of and try try try again to become an illustrator.God does know i long to write and whilst i do not want to rebel .The devil i feel it is who says you may not 'ask for some more' God my father has invited me to love and to seek out music at source in the very breath of my pulse and my breath and to flow into a dance unstifled by etiquette .amen

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