Monday, 24 September 2012

Yes to LIFE!

Let's call it life.Let's not cheapen it with'art' and 'science'.
Let's not bother with 'religiousness'.Let's breathe!
it's the blood, breath and river water of our very BEING.
It IS deep ,exciting,tear-jerking:both serious and PLAY-full.

Let's be more ALIVE to it's immensity and DELIGHT
that we are so very very small  and  the WondeR of it's endlessly

Let us learn to SPLASH!

in it
that we thrill as children

our feet take off
and we really REALLY 'fly'
oh yes''''''''''''ALIVE!'''''''''''''
to GOD's gold.

and make our mother's weep with pride
and hear them say there you are and knew you'd make it well done my love well done now come here to LOVE         ! and make y'OUr'dad happy


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