Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hilbre island

Just set off to Hilbre
my boots started to get
 a bit threatened as
they encounter a few
shallow rivers in the sand

took them off carried them
I hoped that the three figures
 ahead of me were the group.

I had said
couldn't set off with them
at 6.30 p.m
so here I was
about 7 p.m.

Could be them
 I waded.

I was half way
 they were on needle eye
the smallest left hand isle
of the trilogy or triptych

For me this left Holy panel
 meant security as if the
water came in
I was on higher ground

As I got the needle
I could see it was
some distance
to middle isle.

They were now on middle as
I barefooted the
water grain sandstone
its ridges at a
30 degree angle
left down to right.

As I approached
middle isle
I decided
not to
go onto it

 I imagined
 the instructions were
 to go behind
to approach main isle

As I approached the final chapter volume
I became aware of a troupe of  cagouls
say 14 of them who had cut wide and got ahead of my progress
on the other side of the shallow rocks on the approach
to middle isle.

Editing my walk
to agree with their interpretation
 and in the hope they were ny church
I stopped slipping in what felt like
a bowl of well soggy cornflakes
.The rock had similar pools of treacherous grey clay
and their crowns a down of green slimy grass like seaweed
I could not take but an  less abbreviated sentence to them

As I got to a path before the middle panel of the icon
its baroque frame proved hazardous and I decided not to
put my boots on nor let it polish me off

a granny and grand daughter
had smiled their passage back
with motherly dialogue about the
 little one being Scot of the antarctic

they were now well past needle eye that looked
a long thread away as did the church snake(trying t find that nice word for a line of children)

Wind swept and interesting
half way home I stopped
and felt safe
and enjoyed the defiance of my individual 'me' ness
I had come  a long way from years of depency and needyness
I was o k among the puddles
I had concern for the lonely vulnerability of my car with its camera and diary
in it and got ready to cope with its theft if necessary
but i was not driving myself to despair
a sort of triumphant lonesome yet not lonely victory

be not conformed to this world

I thanked Tim
for the idea of going to Hilbre
I hadn't made it
nor had I made it with companions
but i had made something

My sandy now fallen rolled up trouser
ends were soggy with sand
my feet muddy sand bathed
sight of the car was delicious
as was locating the camera
 and diary in the rucksack

what is a ruck?

I drove barefoot
decided to shop for curry and put sandels on rather than my boots

a funny moment happened in the flat
I took out my glasses case
to do this

they were not there
i discovered they
had been hanging hooked to the font of my T shirt
all the time from guitar lesson drive walk to middle isle and here

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