Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yearning to write

I have left on hold for over a year my children's writing book course
and I long to continue also with the morning pages of three pages a day
that Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way encourages.

waiting for funds for a notebook that has a decent battery life has caused the pause .
The yearning is to be outside in a cafe whilst I pour out my thoughts.
Rather than here at home on the Internet.

My decision to blog came as I strolled home from a cafe called Toast
in West Kirby.I am about to practice on a keyboard for my music tutor
and this musical way of working I trust will bring me some momentary
relief.I am an illustrative artist who loves the invitation to 'play'.

Music and my studies as a student of writing is showing me the benefit of
practice and fluidity.My goal is to flow with thought images and refrains
so as to free the yearning to express an inner joy of being that must be
given form.So anyway this is a gentle beginning.   Jim 15.6.11

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