Thursday, 23 June 2011

Two unrelated remarks by a St Ives landlady

1.'Born n bred or born again?'
2.'Barbara Hepworth died smoking in bed!'

I was missing my own Major Barbara
couldn't-didn't want to
get her out of my head.

Oh the intimate beaches of St.Ives
the pasties,the coir covered floor,
the hope n smell of new life
and forgiven by God
Oh I know LOVE
is what life is for.

With the pebbles,& painters and beaches
the chips n the beer n the boats
the quay to the bay and the seagulls
we are hope- fishing and scribbling some notes

Oh I wanted to play on a clarinet
and the tune that said all that I felt
The tune of a song name of Paper moon
said it all on a postcard I wrote(?)

I am here
I am alive
it is a morning years later
in West Kirby-my flat
I notice my friends -are all vulnerable
say they'd help me
I've only to ask

So sing me song then of Jesus Christ
and remove all the barriers to church
Course through our veins
blood unconditional
the healing of man's divisions and sores
as the moisture of Life giving water oozes baptizes
through all of our skin sin n shame sapping pores

Aaah the tree and the roots and our Unity
is here in the hearts harbour and mind

I'm seeking a face for the Jesus
the Jesus of all of man-KIND


I noticed how Barbara Hepworth
had placed a carving of mother
 and child in a local church to mourn
 her son who I believe drowned.

I have been thinking of our friend Allen Mackie
how I longed to see him arise from his wheel chair
-I believe he has now!

Allen if Heaven get's emails
Thank you from all of us. Amen

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