Wednesday, 3 August 2011

seemingly unrelated relatedness of everything

Potential book title ?
Got 4 books to read at present
Amy bought me Roald Dahl's Tales of the unexpected for Father's Day
I asked  at church for the last copy of Mission Improbable Professor Alastair  Hamilton biography
pioneer of cardio surgery for children
 Bought Tove Jansson's travelling light-I love Tove Jansson and strangely
I love another book of the same title by Max Lucado based on psalm 23
My friend and local author Laiurie Gartside
 has passed me his recently published second book in print
Chrichton's Finest Hour..

Unrelated then I watched a program based on The Code a maths idea of everything being based on geometric mathematical shapes.It related through fractals the giant's causeway  Jackson Pollock's rhythmic paint pourings and the creator of Pixar who had developed animation through wanting to create 3d sets for his aviation work.

The other night an art student who is writing his thesis on the premise is anything original?
listened politely as I poured out memories of The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler
Aaron Scharf Art and photography and a whole range of thoughts I have.

This entry tonight at 20 past midnight is a sort of celebration  of slowly getting up to date
with work on a set of characters for an annual report disguised as a calendar
three small mural pieces for a neighbor -a blackboard as a willow tree silhouette
giraffes on a cupboard door and some trees leaves blossoms and bluebirds for a 
bathroom wall

and prep work and logo idea sheets for a new children's nursery
all of which my prayers are hoping will get me a short drawing break with my daughter
and hopefully afford me a notebook computer to get m back on track with my children's writing course

recently I have been enjoying intuitive leaps and deliberate new study into legato phrasing on
piano.It pleased me to be able to root out to make you feel my love on guitar and piano.

If  you have read your way through this entry you will note that it is imperfect and only constitutes 'doing something'
My excuse for not making too much sense includes pataphysics viz the correlation of thing that only happen once.

Sue Jeffers advice 'if a things worth doing it worth doing badly'
and Julia Cameron's Morning pages 
'just write anything and don't reread it-sort of automatic.

And my own recent defence that I do not have to make'art' just be so this has just been 'being'.
I have left the me out of the last sentence as I discover that meaning by breathing and have never not been but have not ever known how not to nor how to be 'me' or otherwise 'sort of thing.' amen

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