Wednesday, 24 August 2011

the mind is an interesting child at play

Watching Time watch with the tired kindly eyes of Tony Robinson
Baldrick of Black adder fame,I thought of the wonderful illustrations
by Victor Ambrus visulising how things used to be for them and
I remembered a wonderful version of Shakespears' illustrated tales he did
I thought of the children's day nursery at Frodsham I am  visualising
and I thought of the gently trowel scraping to unveil physical contact
with the past and the time capsules they plant like seeds for the future
I thought of J,K Rowling on her quest to find out more about herself
on Who do you think you are.And I recall too her revelation of her Christianity
relating to the concluding chapter of Harry Potter.I think of Stephen Fry's
voice over for the Ocean Giants respecting the dialogue twixt Whale and man
and 'compassion'.

Also of the capsules containing broadcasts of
Paul McCartney in outer space and how
 'we love animals because we are lonely as a species'
as Steve Berger said in one of his books(published blog capsules)

What seeds we plant what associative thought we peruse
and how we seek author and authority.

And I think of the gentle words
'I cannot bear to teach what I do not know myself'
that Waiting for Godot famous Samuel Beckett
spoke of.I his biography  I noticed what I feel to be the
bio-phys of Godot.

He helped  in the rescue of people from  war torn France
it involved lots of waiting on country roads and farmhouses.
Watching the life of J.K.Rowling unfold  on her searching out her roots
the synapses that flash for her writing in Harry Potter shows
their is a time capsule in each of us abstractly unfolding the good stuff.
The old testament is the Darwin like intuitive leap of Jesus human DNA
that's were the model came from Stephen (Fry).

I love too the way in Grapes of Wrath the main character is likened to a turtle.
The turtle that Darwin brought home outlived him by a great many years
so much for man's consecutive superiority.The dust bowl that informed
John Steinbeck is the same one that Woody Guthrie survived ti inspire
 Bob Dylan with in his blog  capsule Bound For Glory.
The same dust blowing under someones door caused
 thoughts and creation of the vacuum cleaner.

I wonder what Jesus wrote on the ground?

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