Wednesday, 3 August 2011

the genius of ordinariness

yesterday I transformed  my willow tree  looking a little like a monster
into a friendly image by putting birds and grafting in a new branch 
it is also a kitchen black board
I saw Rosie Noteworthy holding her grandson 'sweet baby james
she said look he has your trousers on
when still there i passed with these shorts on we joked about
my having thought he has stolen mine

I woke up today to pouring rain 
and a wonderful feeling ful
multi sensory-sensual
the lucid dreams
lucid thoughts
 lucid memories
lucid being
are lucid living gratefully

In my comfort I knew I was not asleep
yet was able in this relaxed state to think of advocaat
go to Holland remember lovely things about mum n dad
enjoy that when in Holland the advocaat was in broad rimmed
 bottle because it is really a sort of alcoholic 
custard to be served in a bowl and not a drink

the lucid memory gave me 
joy over dad's home made camping equipment
melamine lined cups n plates
and their mutual brilliance as loving parents

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