Thursday, 31 May 2012


Lord I come to you as a boy a man a  child and your creature.The goldfish have clean water andIan and Julie have been kind to me.That Julie is encouraged to be in prayer with her mother and Alison Lacey's faith and shared prayer has been answered is wonderful.i can hear the goodness in them both.the enthusiasm as the family listened to the Apprentice too lovely.The laptop has been able to upload at good speed the short films of the Moore family and I am to download the emails from Snoozy and from the Christian sources and i have Andrew's project to to consider .Lord bless Ken Izli's project too amen.A journey into town to see himat the cafe?
I would like to prepare the flat and take a walk with George. I will phone him to see whether today is a good day, so as to enable me to go by bus to Heswall tomorrow i.e. if I am going in am I perhaps I am not?.I think I will and that means walk today and then I can tidy tomorrow design the Snoozy pattern.
So then to send a text message to Dee and an email to Ken .perhaps meet David tomorrow evening.
certainly feel that I should like to heal  our conversation recontextualise it for us both.I am not unwilling to have a job ,just do not want to feel trapped by compromise.Freedom in your love and your encouragement ,which to me is real .real as those i have known who evidence your presence even though they themselves are unaware of same.Frederick,Arthur,Arthur,George ,John,Brian Brian,Allan,Jane Howcroft others too.And the illustrators too Janet Ahlberg.Shall I take a journey with my tax papers to Southport with my new book I shall I feel and then perhaps see a picture at Fact.First things first.

1.Phone George for the walk-perhaps today to kick start the changes
2.Phone Dee to inform of Amy's visit.
3.Ask Ken Izli where he will be today.
4.Printout the jobs.
5.have my walk with George.
6.Have my artists date with tax papers new book and with Julia and a notebook

I am interested in Caroline thoughts.How is she progressing with the Artist's way and with
her album.Writing is more work than inspiration and yet I have my children's stories about izzi Pop to get on with and so much to learn of my daughter Amy's adventures too.

To keep writing till you hit paydirt.

I will have a look at the scripture in word for toady and also the shape of Julia's suggestions too.

Asking what others are thinking is a very important beginning too.

i will ask how the songs are coming along after I have dealt with the list of my own objectives too.

I have in fact quite a lot to do for there are the films by the Moores and i want to get up todate on any promises I said I would keep amen.

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