Monday, 17 September 2012

2012 Our Jubilee year amen

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I haven't done mu morning pages in a while perhaps I will plug in the net book and go somewhere to day Toast say.Hopefully you have been sharing all the joy of jubilee and olupics and my son'e marriage the murals at Brookdale ,URC West Kirby,and St Savior's and my fab 6th birthday party at Dee Fine Arts and my preparation for the new mural at Upton on Chester.I am so thankful to God for Izzy Pop my son'e family his repair to all the hurts in my life and my hope of learning piano slowly with all the help Rosie Noteworthy,Simon Wallis and Jimmy Rae have given me and all the books i slowly reach into and seek to explore and assimilate.Please pray for me as I pray for you Isaiah 55 is the blessing I offfer you do spend time being pruned at John 15 speaks of Jesus the gardener and we as being in the vine i.e DIVINE de-vine accident or not a lovely thing just as Grace means a gift from God .There is no secular language it is all God's even the synapses we snap our willful self expression with .Be included in the love that pour through the air in your long the blood in your veins and the music in the language of our shared concert of thinks bubbles they are like champagne to be savoured but only till our thirst is quenched then it is time to share in the picking of the grapes and the treading not of wrath but of patience and faith.

jenny mentioned that people were curios about the guy who painted the Elm Howe room at Church so I ordered the new business card to help them find me.But they should also rememeber i am the product of lots of people who still are my teachers thought they may seem to have departed this earth.And ultimately the vast stream of undefinable being beyon d measure or science as we are so very small.I am a few note in a bigger saxophone of God's gentle powerful awful awe inspiring breath.To me Jan Gabarek and Miles Davies' Almost Blue are soem speaking in tongues to the embrochure of holy grace  I can only pray I point to God .The vastness of his unconditional love.Found myslef in tears adding to scripture John Broughall shared when I thougth of Jeus saying Mother this is your son, brother this is your mother as he breathed his last 'mortal' breath.A seed has to die .You will find this in Donovan's A gift from a lower to a Garden and in Nick Drake's fruit tree and in Dylan's Last Thought on Woody Guthrie ,but ultimately you will find it for and in and because of your own life. Amen

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