Thursday, 20 September 2012

Summoning up resolve.

It is Isobel's first birthday and I would that I had posted -snail mail something  a few days ago.I have a picture being framed and have painted an image of the wheel barrow full of flowers,that will make a lovely card so first thing print it and post it.My walk for I have decided to eat porridge,brush my teeth,go for a walk and play Elbow through c.d player.My walk has an itinerary.So post card,go up the hill and through the land near Ben's mum n dad's house,take camera and paper and come donw aroun lake to photgraph first the lake people styl image then the beach scen view of Hoylake and walk therefore along front then beach to Houlake roundabout to draw the third mug shot of portrait house and Hoylake station.this is for research for the three images I want to work on for le Bizz whislt in Dee Frdiay Saturday and Monday.Friday evening is two exhibitions Dee and Wirral Society.i.e to take in Ian's work and then my own framed and the fresh work of others at the show.Tonight I also recall to go to the Light Cinema at New Brighton for Autisitic Society music charity gig of Jimmy Rae.Back to today then I want to carry on these morning pages at Toast and do not want the walk computer work etc to take me beoyong say 2.30 as I like to relax and be in the soaf window with draw journal and netbook.I amy eat in Dee Hotel this evening.On Monday evening is Matty's guitar lesson and will keep him in mind .I have an idea to go to URC Chester on Sunday and am jsut this minute thinking of inviting John..

So then my goals for today with prayer

1.Print Izzy card
2.Post it
3.Continue to walk:hill then Caldy forest
                                  Water front photo Lake People
                                                        Hoylake Portrait and station as one
                       walk back along Meole drive or via back footpath
                                     perhaps phtograph golf course

4.Go straight back out to  Toast and carry on praying with morning pages and netbook
take what is so amazing about grace morning pages and yes the long earth book.Eat in Dee Hotel then
Buys some fruit from Colin Lunts.

5 Go to New Brighton with an open mind -harmonicas? drawing book.
Quite a lot that

6.Pre Dee tomorrow print our and prepare paper and materials to do images from.
Take car tomorrow via George as 2nd walk with him hopefully with a little Dylan moment on dvd [player

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