Thursday, 20 September 2012

and there's more

I have walked a long way around today forest beach road etc.
was so glad to find when I got to Meols that the tide was not so
 far in as to cause me to paddle.i haven't drawn todaay but I have created a lot of research material as well as collecting bits n pieces for this excercise based 'morning pages' I have some conkers and there wombs and i had a lovelu sea holly flower which was much
admired at seagrass studios as I phtogrpahed the portraait house and the station i found some old photos of west kirby in a charity shop and so i have stimulated my hope and dreams and restocked the pond today.

so this first day of izzy new year sees a busy grandad.tonight i will go to the light for jimmy nd th charity gig

i saw a book sitting on the desktop i bought in nottingham in a design place along with a moomin book and it haas a lovely cover and say 'my first novel'and reminds me of my intetnion to write children's books the reason for this net booka dn this underused blog site.Still persistence and gentle endeavours.In the background is the plaintive voice of the lead singer of elbow wonder what his name is?never heard this rtack before it has melancholic cello or violin.i just had two pieces of white toast and my favourite chai latte.
So then the idea behind morning pages is to squeeze my lemoneness for all its juice so i can find my inner flemonade.i can do this by reaching for things to say..I purchased two delicious figs and ate them whole for 48 p.I like it here in Toast young owner and lots of light like a mini southport to saving me going so farr.

John  \Hutchinson ahas emailed to say he has finished with the whale book and dave lewis is making an ebook from it.

my plan for this evening is three fold have a meal in Dee go to st.bridgets and phtot th hogbackstone and then go to the lightt .will call on john to pick up the wale book.i think th young owner her is called dave but am not sure.fondest memory here is playing harmonica with jimmy rae when we were joinde by wrechless elbow harmonica and violin playing th melody togetyher e=was fab to my ears ace.

A lady is chatting to her older friend and i have been surprised to look up twice and realise she is a mature womean as the things she says and the high giggly voice sound like someone about 12-not meant as a criticism just the reality of sound disagreeing with vision.

The day looked like rain afew times so \i am prompted to feel gratefula t the harvest of images.yes i prefer to draw from life especially loosely with a stick but nevermind i am finding i can elscticate the stiff little boxed in edges of the buildings in a front of me two older ladies discuss newspapers for there stars and their admittance of stale news..An update keeps starting up on screen wehn \i am not looking.

so hthen olde quality habits are reappearing in my life

being out in a cafe writing and morning pages of julia cameron
goal setting of life coaching
letter wrting
the main two i want to see my self do are

wtriting course
piano lessons and practice
song writing too.

Oh well i want to go get the book for Jhn and head to church then back to dee hotel for a meal so off I go that it for today -well for now anyway.

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