Saturday, 24 August 2013

I MUST PRACTISE WHAT I PREACH.Currrency and currentness of ongoing significant advice.

There is no escaping it.Even I I do not like routines nevertheless if Isuggest taking actions on set goals then I must do so. Heh if a scientist or proactive believer in change transformation 'evolution'  writes for himself the GOAL 'declutter for clarity of thought and then frames the advice on the wall or in the notes he puts for others on the blackboard and then buries the blackboard in a clutter of other expression or leans the adviceon the skirting board and then put books other pictures and projects all over it .Then the strategy is one of 'catch other trains of thought carry and bring home more baggage and never create room for it.More succinct: 'go stuff yourself with more self'.So got up intending to write the goal ,but more importantly I MADE A START.Outside the door of my flat is a bin and a box.Some books to oxfam some paper matter for the grey bin.You eventually have to get to the w the WAY when what who where the why not do it NOW noW of the groW model.So perhaps you like I can say of yourself to yourself.(Dylan said gonna give myself a good talkin to).Best of luck and more importantly the amen of God's love for each of us.'God will help me with this so long as I make a start'.Amen

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