Sunday, 25 August 2013

Well it sort of worked

The morning started with the imperative to de clutter.
Well I managed to fill a box of books and a satchel of clothes then of to church and
played bass with Micky.Overheard him say he wanted a bag of rags for an earth event for churches together at St Bridgets.So came home and did a ton of ironing and looted the hot tank and filled another bag of clothes sheets etc for Micky to turn into rags.Also washed the bedding and changed the bed.Had a sleep and took the bag to church after a sleep.Also washed the soap trays  with a kettle of boiling water.Also used the tube I siphon the fish tank to further suck/siphon the tray and the seal of the washing machine and span and rinsed the washer.So a cleaner more functional machine.SO then practicing what I preached to myself.
John just prayed with me.Bit tearful again about the self employed singlehood I live with.But Colin's sermons this morning and this evening have added such a message of hope that I am so grateful for the support of faith.God only knows where others turn.Have to believe he does amen.

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