Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Inviting change-being accessible to 'power'

What have  learned?
What am I learning?

The accessible to power bit comes from
Carlos Castaneda's Journey to Ixtlan
where I found some very interesting ideas
that shows that we live inside a description
some of which like the evolution of
tea strainer n loose leaves to tea bag
can be improved upon.

Being accessible to power
is being accessible to the author
I feel.

i.e the Holy Spirit's life giving purpose full
insights and letting the neural grooves
of bad habits.Ones perhaps that people take as necessary
under the law and trapped in the flesh as St Paul
might say.

Life coaching is one of the things I am learning
to be adjusted by and informed by.I look at the balance wheel of
how the time rolls on through core beliefs
family food shelter friends fulfilment spiritual meaningfulness playfulness.
And this all upon the road of actions relatings of myself to my brother my joining wirral ukelele fanatics for playing bass in church or my seeking to provide an income by providing services  murals portraits
seeing david today to go for a mutual shave and hair cut in a place where i can share a meaningful space with him....

I have produced a new page for facebook and found I had by tinkering flirting with an idea produced a fourth page.

Think of a cross or clock face a face G for grow on the forehead at twelve oclock
where Jesus crown of thorns is KING of the Jews.God's goal the salvation of his people Jews and Gentiles
Goals then the R on the right hand thief side the left eye of your face on the right in the mirror or seeming to be on the right when you look at another R for reality with one thief it was doubt yet the other belief respond positively or react negatively the nailed hand Jesus left we see it to the right as He faces us.Rituals are neural grooves and ruts but righteousness from God can change that reality .Our reality includes affirmation change and reason to believe.Then Christ's feet where Options and our mouth are.So twelve oclock was G for goals
three oclock was the Realisation of a more positive affrimative hopeful reasoned rearrangement in alignment with core values reponse.Now though out mouth come options O at six oclock where Mary becomes mother to a new son throough jesus blessings from Jesus on the cross of growth the tree of life we may have the sacrament from the wine and the bread of Genesis.The berries and the then to the Way the thief that turned to Jesus to ask to be with him in paradise.when what whom will you become well back to the goals of Jesus face containing all these things and His cross too.Be like Him .When asap where here n now how by changing becoming accessible to change through the Holy Spirit. at the centre of Christ's face the breath at the centre of our's too.At the centre of Christ's cross the heart too...the way is upwards.

remembering     mother here is your son
son here is your mother

and what you do or do not do for the least of one of these you do or do not do for Jesus God Holy Spirit.

What am I learning well I am learning to throw things away to compartmentalize a little but fluidly.
Whilst another might feel to label me inconsistent with their ways of doing things....God will forgive their 'not knowing' as He has forgiven us and suggested the empowering flux of transforming Love on His terms  'forgiveness which we must not too rigorously feel we can put away in a box or compartmentalize when we will get around to it .It is change it is the cross it is the purposeful grow model of God.The raison de etre of Christ's sacrifice.Scary face.......

So resources then .Not wanting to through Jesus nor the gift of life out with the baptismal water as I clear the flat of debris and seek to get the currency of sociable and contented cleansed home into a living state of 'well' being water of life unclung to back to open sharing system instead of neurotic rut back to the God given gratitude of good eating fruit walking ironing perhaps learning sharing being ....clean water in bath water out ..good thing in good things out   ...manna ate when given....nothing stagnant not buried but shared acted upon steeping out risks taken freshness then for my walk around the lake ..breakfast oranges and day with David amen

p.s. i am finding that i do not turn into salt when I view places i used to work and be...i am seeing that they have been salted and are a resource for me to share the sense i make of them i seek to enjoy their loveliness and reveal it .India at Bluecoat....old things refreshed and skills improved upon and enjoyed ...sesnse made of who I was and still am following Christ's celaing up and work each day upon my tune of being...I am being retuned.Now which page of face book...there are four.G JIM Fleming a person like the manyR Jim the artist the need for an income so work may be the w of grow? Becoming oneslef in christ being the main Goal or final major project.Reality of being the heasrtist as an affirmative Christ heart firstintention.R Gifts yet to discover the coaching is the option I coach myself and share the tools on this one and speak of my hearts leanring.then the W proper to be like a child 'PLAYful me' an invitation for other to do so too.Be a child of christ .Doing so now foreve will bring us to who we are being transformed into.Both the slef we were given and the human univserally blessed 'least of one of these''

If you are one who like to tidy up and refresh reorder make lists and use a metronome of clarity to presesnt your ordered thourtght a real gift in my opinion wath the baptismal water s you let it all flow through that no good thing is watsed but please do mirror this back more tidily for it came for a good place ...this place there is no other on world God's amen

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