Sunday, 24 July 2011


Let's cook with the best ingredients
let's plant the best thoughts in our minds
let's reach deep into the well of provision
the bible of love so profound
let's dig and plant the best garden
and eat only of what
will bring joy

let's find the seeds of the spirit
plant in the Earth's furrows
not worry our brow nor annoy

one day there will be a fine harvest
the stream fed the fruits of the ground
the light and the rain did from heaven
pour all around

with fertile and dream filled abundance
the Lord touched the heart
of our town
the village
is bringing out tables
the children are starting to sing

the spring brought
the news we'd been waiting for
now w're wearing best smiles
and those frowns
are simply the skillet containers
the scoops to dip into the feast

as we spill
love joy peace
add the yeast
for we're eating from our father's table
faithful and gentle and kind
we're sieved of our sin
through the goodness
of Jesus
He has saved you a place
just beside him
Melchizedek there
self control
patiently Peter is smiling
Barnabas pass them a roll

Let us make for the grass
on the mountain
the Lion lies down with his lambs

Let us spread out the tent of
our our meeting
Listen the music now starts
its a festival day
for our children as they meet
 all the one's we have known
surprising to see who's included
Non one left out
all God's own

so the scripture
revealing God'glory
a story 's new chapter unfolds
Are you there? Did you hear the voice of a n angel now whisper
the name that you share all are known
You can eat from the branch that's outstretched for
nothing clever is needed somehow
feel the birth of the flowers beneath you
all of this
when's it happening?


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