Sunday, 4 December 2011

Frugal wonderment

Frugal Wonderment, Betty Windfall and Haddy Nuff
God and the Devil.

Each of the characters were able to self justify
themselves with their own opinion
but only God could adjust them to a bigger one

Allotment pub and cafe-bar

Frugal wonderment used the hedgerows as his garden
and others joined him at it along the old disused railway siding

Betty windfall bragged as she went from slimming club to bar
buying her friends

Haddy Nuff blew his blue despondent saxophone
and walked backwards through a hopeless that drained
everyone who smiled his way

Faithful Umpteen watched Searching Sam go past the cafe
He sat writing sermons reviewing scripture and pondering end times
with eyes that spoke of sadness as Sam cluttered along with a borrowed camera
though he had lots of money and a fat pension born from sustained monotony
and hobbies without a solid dream.He would go to museum and waterfront
or revisit the engineers he once worked with.He had a catolgue of others interests whilst
Faithful formed an opinion of what God meant and hoped to inrtoduce others to said

Only God could help Sam find the pieces that would verify his belief that
'someone is looking after me' by showing his the bigger picture
and only God could and would answer Faithful's prayers by showing
him the chapter about the vineyard workers.

I am reading both the course notes of the children's writing course
and browsing the Julia Cameron's book the artists way
She is talking about God as good orderly direction or flow
and I think again of 'currency' and meant to flow and the talents of Jesus
parable.Also of the book asset based thinking.

I quipped yesterday you cannot
have your present until you have
used up your past.
What are we not using?

So the beginning of this blog is my response when
waking to the thoughts arrived at by my
sleeping jimness to the writing course requirement for
characters whether i choose mystery
story short synopsis play or cartoon strip.
Fed by the film by Sylvain Chomet belleville rendez-vouz
Babs and I had watched The illusionist by him which
was based on the end of music hall and the character of
Jacques Tati.

In this one the modus was mechanism and cinema and bicycle .
An old lady wanting to amuse her bored son buys him a puppy
dust off an old piano and a railway set and
them having found a scrapbook of bicycles
beneath his bed a tricycle.All are attempts
 to amuse him only the bike works.
She cannot play piano so cannot inspire him and the
dog grow fat,whilst she trains her son for the tour de France
.Also a city grows around their home
and with it a railway bridge.
The dogs tail as a pup gets run over so
 the dog fat as he is skids along stairs and floors to bark at
the trains going right past the upstairs window..

The film had started with a comical black and white
 vaudeville act viz three musical sisters

The mafia collect straggling struggling cyclist and take them off on a liner to belleville
where they are strapped into a theatre contraption with b/w film to cycle into
it is a gambling hall for gangsters as the three frog eating sisters help Madame Souza
and Bruno the dog rscue Champion the son.

Vusually delightful city scapes whimsy Heath Robinson mechanisms and inventive musical
sound making on tuned cycle wheels tea pots newspapers refridgerators

and keystone cop style wacky races  ending with explosions car tumbles on hills
madcap tactics including tripping a car with madame souza's club foot
are a feast that would satisfy searle,steadman aardman et al

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