Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Levels of awakenesss

there are so many levels of awakeness
there is good reason to write first thing in the morning
you wake up with a head full of synaptic solutions
not conclusions
they are dams to your rivers of thought
and like the snake in eden
they dam us to the listening intelligence of our hearts

Morning Pages
just write just right

Do not underestimate Sheldon in
the Big Bang
but do watch as the script writer through his colleagues
expose his overestimation of his controlling self

These two room soaps
Red dwarf
Big Bang
Young ones

invariably have a kitchen
and an apartment

shared mind spaces
for wakening up the internal dialogue of mutuality

when I woke or was at some level of my awakening this morning
i thought of the variety of gismos(give us more)
that I have been doodling on lately these 'morning pages'
not all have been uploaded and shared
mainly because of the mechanical incompatiblity
yet the one river of the me
has been flowing them poui
ring them seiving and striving and melting them out of me

at present beside having unplugged the gift of Rob's netbook that was charging
the little robotic head of the cheap halogen heater oscillates like a star wars character
whilst plugged into the cable and sockets is the 4 rechargeable battery charger
I need to download the images from my camera
whilst the usb that has on it the mini cheap netbook that only thinks in deskpad
and a short film that Rob made of our mural for izzy pop
and notebooks full of drawings and scribble are in the room
 to be photographed for inclusion to illustrate alongside the photographs
all that had been going on

first thing in the morning I am missing the cries of Izzy and the
cajoling kindness of Bob and Susie gentle parent selves

first thin in the same un-got-up-yet morning I am noticing
how when Rob was working on the Star wars
 lego he drew us in to help him
much gentler wimpers than the audible emitter of Izzy
first I used his plastic lunchboxes to
compartmentalise and categorise colour and size into light grey dark grey red
white of various sizes and unique plus plus object d'art
so that he could assemble from a more giving pallette
Susie would search for the next day from a chaos similar
and I sand the sinews of the wings of a space creature to
 have them behave more closely to the ikea like diagram
and home building goes on in miniature
nest contents matter
how to free them to flow whilst making sensual
sensory sense of them Dawkins by the loo - I approve
a chocloate communion of an underatanding comanion vicar at St.Peter's church -I approve

Bobster compartmentalising and respecting the body
 of the bird Turkey breast legs two kinds of stuffing
his surgery informed by a thorough range of surgeon chefs Bluementhal
Oliver Hugh and Deliah to name a few
Jamies Christmas is being revised on telly whilst dvd of same nestles and nudges
story books  dvds cuddly toys in the guest bedroom

There are different levels of awakeneness
Ned home from hospital and harrowing experiences with saxophone authority
kindeness and chemicals greets me with warm pizza as I make my way to John 's
who offers wifi and insight and tea -the one stop is closed sleeping early as tis boxing day
and we pray together after blogging answered prayers into each others downloading our long Christmas dream.He shows me his daughter and grandson's thoughtfullness
ski pants that when he uses the mobility scooter will keep his legs dry and if it snows keep the draft to a limited access of one foot
Tom had a pad that heats up when you snap a
James bond like thread in it golfers use one

I tell John of the idea I have for Izzy the detective
a handbag that looks transparent
or looks full of programmable contents on an internal membrane that
has a sort of relief sculpure 3d illusion like a hollogram whilst hiding a camera that is facing out wifi like

so then different levels of awakeness
on one level I draw in books and doodle my note
on another I type into a wordpad and usb it into a complex text
on another I directly type in my morning pages through broadband on telephone wire
on another I facebook and email with a wifi net book at my sons
thus having three ways to 'data capture' in a cafe my fleetingideas in response of the writing course I long to resume
and of course there are the photographs and the photographs of doodles to filter remember and figure back in
whilst studying Andrew Matthews Julia Cameron and wrting course ideas and seeking to diet on fruit and leaf fruit veg more than root or carcass or too much bread/cheese/chocolate/cream/baileys the main joys of family

 feast at Christmas

there are many levels of awakeness and many joys and gratitudes to this apparently hedonistic abundance yet
tis God's will to forgive encourage and prepare us for such a feast with grateful sharing caring hearts for all.

Lord help us to sleep sympathise wake up share care heal each other Amen
white meat dark meat deconstruction of the organic living body

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